Technical Food Jobs in Northamptonshire

Published on: 26 Feb 2014

Technical Food JobsThe job market for the hospitality and catering sector makes up a massive proportion of the job market in the UK and just under a quarter of these tend to be technical job roles. With so many businesses in the east of England relying on the food production and manufacturing industries to supply them with products, Northamptonshire is one place which has a vast amount of technical food jobs that need filling.

Examples of the type of technical food jobs available are:

  • QA Manager
  • Process Technologist
  • Product Development Technologist
  • Technical Assistant

The Northamptonshire Area

Northamptonshire is set in the East Midlands region of the UK and is surrounded by a number of other large counties including Leicestershire and Oxfordshire. Due to the central location in the east part of England, it has excellent transport routes including major motorways connecting it between other large cities in the region. The large amount of agricultural businesses that operates in the region means the area is rife with food manufacturing and production businesses too, which makes it ideal for those looking for technical food jobs.

SilverstoneNorthamptonshire is also renowned for its motorsport connections, with Silverstone Circuit for international racing and Rockingham Motor Speedway within its borders. Santa Pod Raceway is also very close by, sitting just on the other side of the border in Bedfordshire. According to a study in 2009, the motorsport in Northamptonshire drew in over 2.1 million visitors each year, spending over £131 million, a large proportion of it in hospitality and catering.

The large town of Northampton, although not a major city, is one of the oldest towns in England and as such, is also one of the largest towns without city status. It has a bustling population of 210,000 people living in the town’s reaches and so, as you might expect, there are loads of jobs in the food industry in general.

Big providers of technical food jobs in Northamptonshire include Greencore, Weetabix, McCormick, Golden Wonder and Innocent Drinks.

Your Food Job can help you find your ideal job

If you are searching for employment in a technical position in the food industry, one of the best places to start looking is on job search websites like It allows you to search and apply for the top technical food jobs in Northamptonshire offered by all the major food companies.

Started in 2006, is rapidly expanding to become one of the fastest growing job search websites for the food jobs industry. It posts hundreds of food job vacancies from around the country and attracts more than 60,000 visitors each month. Because of the diverse range of companies offering food jobs on, many of these visitors come in search of technical food jobs. Last year alone 170 technical food jobs were posted from the Northamptonshire area and viewed by 12,767 job seekers. offers registration which is completely free and allows you to search through 1,000 or more live positions at any given time. There are useful tools on the website which allow you a much easier and more comprehensive search, making sure you find the right job.

Job Alerts tool

The job alerts tool is a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on technical food jobs in Northamptonshire that are posted on the website. Using keywords you can set up email alerts which are triggered when a position in your chosen industry becomes available.

You can choose any keywords like ‘Technical Food Jobs’ or ‘Technical Assistant’ and then choose the area you want to receive alerts from, in this case ‘Northamptonshire’ and the website will then monitor jobs and let you know when the role or industries are posted on the site.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one search either. When you are looking for technical food jobs it is essential that you use a variation of your keywords over a number of alerts to make sure you don’t overlook great job prospects. The job alerts tool on can set you up with up to four separate job searches for four different locations, industries and keywords to make the most of your job searching activities.

Setting up a profile

While many people will search through job sites to find positions which match their skills and expertise, unfortunately many forget the importance of allowing you to be searched by employers. Many agency positions will work in this way. Setting up a profile on is really simple, and it allows recruiters to type in key skills to find suitable candidates for their positions.

By listing your key skills and experience such as ‘technical assistant’ or ‘QA Manager’ recruiters looking to fill these types of positions can contact you directly when they have something which matches your knowledge and skill set.

There are just three steps to creating a profile:

  1. Select ‘create account’ on
  2. Fill in your details. (Those market with a * must be filled)
  3. Select ‘create an account’, then you are ready for recruiters to find.

Career Advice

Although many people know what industry they want to work in and often find it easy to find positions to apply for, very often a lack of knowledge about what recruiters expect to consider them for these positions is what lets them down.

One of the most essential things to do is to tailor your C.V to suit a job role, don’t just send over a general C.V with no direction. Make sure your experience and skills are displayed in order of relevance and try to keep it less than two pages.

Many recruiters get loads of applications so you need to stand out from the rest of the applicants. has a dedicated advice page for careers with loads of useful articles on how to ensure you can do just this. The Career Advice page can give you an insight into how to present transferrable skills on your C.V or into the methods that recruitment consultancies shortlist their applicants.

Graduate Jobs

Your Food Job also has a large number of graduate technical food jobs roles in Northamptonshire and across the country. Entry level positions like these are ideal for those who have not had a position since leaving university and would like on the job training with a major food company. For more information on Graduate technical jobs in Northamptonshire please visit