Smart Processor Tracks Baby Food

Published on: 3 Feb 2017

A new food processors has been developed with smart technology to track the food you feed to your baby.

The addition will cut down on time for parents who want to keep track of their baby’s nutrition whilst preparing food quickly.

Blender just for babies

Kitchen AppliancesThe Babymoov NutriBaby is designed just for the preparation of children’s food. While you can use any standard blender to create puree which is suitable for infants to eat, the NutriBaby has plenty of other facilities which make it perfect for the task. It will steam or defrost the ingredients before blending them, and can also sterilise and warm bottles to the perfect temperature.

The new upgrade for the device is the NutriBaby+Connect. It was showcased at CES 2017 and looks set to be very useful for new parents. It has a touchscreen to make use even easier, and has two sides for use. The first is a steamer, while the second is the blender.

There is a built-in app called Happeez which parents can download to their smartphones in order to get the most use out of the blender. The app offers plenty of recipes which can be used to discover the perfect balance of nutrition for their children to eat. The blender has a 6.3 cup capacity as well as 3 chopping speeds, so food can be prepared in larger batches. This is perfect for readying food before a trip out.

The app will then save the recipe in the prepared foods list, so that it is possible to see what has been made recently. Parents can even make a specific profile for each of their children, which allows them to customise the menus by the age, preferences, and even allergies of their little ones. It also offers suggestions and diet plans for pregnant women who might want to start using the device before their child is born.

Importance of baby food

Baby foodAs any development chefs who work with baby food can tell you, coming up with recipes is not just about shoving everything into a blender and seeing what works. Rather, the nutritional levels must be balanced so that the baby has everything that they need to start growing into a healthy and strong toddler. It must also have the right balance of flavours, particularly for picky eaters who would rather smear unwanted food on everything but their mouths!

The easy recipes and meal recording app will help to make this blender a key tool for parents looking to keep their little ones on the right track. It is also perfect for babysitters, grandparents, or other family members who might take care of the children for a while now and then. Rather than having to work out what to make, they can simply use the app to pick out a recipe which fits with the nutrients needed, or copy the meal plan from a previous day.

If you are interested in working on projects like this one, you might want to get yourself a research and development job. This could allow you to work with companies who are creating new and exciting food products for parents to use. Healthy and balanced eating needs to be a habit for life, and apps are currently big news in this department.

The NutriBaby+Connect is the next logical step for parents in a rush who need to know what their kids are eating. The follow-on needs to be full-family meal tracking as well as nutritional information which encompasses who needs to eat what and when to achieve a healthy balance day to day.