Sheffield Hallam University

Published on: 14 Apr 2015

Sheffield Hallam University

As a potential student looking to study any food related courses for a future career in the food industry, choosing the right University is an important decision.

There is so much that goes into choosing where to study and live for the next 3-4 years, including what the location is like, how to get there and what entertainment is available to help you relax as well as study! 

Sheffield Hallam University in South Yorkshire, is a University that spreads over two Sheffield campuses and boasts strong knowledge and interest in the food industry and food industry courses.  

The History of Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University is split into two campuses: City Campus is located in the city centre and is easily accessible by rail, followed by Collegiate Crescent Campus which is around two miles away. 

Although located in South Yorkshire, Sheffield Hallam University is the third largest in the UK and its popularity allows it to teach over 33,000 students with many international students also choosing to experience all the UK has to offer.  Students who attend Sheffield Hallam University can benefit from 708 courses that are available in all areas, including food related disciplines.

Sheffield Hallam University has a long history of events that led to it becoming its own establishment. From a design school to a training college, Sheffield Hallam University became its own university with the right to awards its own degrees in 1992. This led to the present day university offering many available courses in a variety of faculties.

Sheffield Hallam University

Why Choose Sheffield?

Sheffield is a popular place to visit in South Yorkshire, with a large number of tourists visiting the many attractions this city has to offer.  However if you are considering moving to Sheffield there are many more questions to ask, such as where is the best place to go shopping or how convenient  is it to travel in and out of this popular city.

Sheffield has many visitors’ attractions in the areas of entertainment or leisure, outdoor activities, arts and culture and more.   

Sheffield has a wide range of live music venues that will help you relax after many hours of studying. These venues include the 02 Sheffield, The LeadMill and the Octagon Centre to name a few. As well as this Sheffield is also a prime location for anyone with an interest in Theatre, and is home to many exciting theatres such as the Crucible Theatre, Lyceum Theatre and University drama Studio, with many other venues that offer a high standard of arts and entertainment to enjoy.

There are many events and venues to enjoy that all exist in the city or indoors, but Sheffield is also a prime location for anyone who loves being outside and surrounded by nature and history .The Peak district is a popular location for visitors and is located conveniently on the doorstep of Sheffield. 

As well as this students can enjoy the Sheffield botanical gardens, Wentworth castle gardens and Sheffield winter gardens among many, and gives students and visitors the chance to experience the beauty of Yorkshire away from the city student life.

Sheffield TransportIn order to experience all that Sheffield has to offer it is important to know how easy it is to get there.   There are many trains, buses and coaches that go in and out of South Yorkshire daily and any information about travelling to Sheffield can be found on Travel South Yorkshire travel planner.

Food courses at Sheffield Hallam University

The Food industry is one that is very popular yet it can be difficult to become a part of. Knowledge and experience goes a long way when it comes to the food industry, with many employers looking favourably on those who have the degree and knowledge about the food industry alongside the relevant work experience and skills acquired during a work placement year.  

Sheffield University offers many Food Courses in both undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees, all ranging in length of time and methods of teaching.

One course on offer is a BSc (Honours) Food and Nutrition Degree. This degree is a full-time four year course which offers three years of full time learning and teaching and a one year work placement, combining the teaching with practical skills and experience.  

This exciting food and nutrition course is taught on the city campus, and is the perfect place to learn about how food and nutrition is vital to the food industry and gain hands on experience as to how it is put into practice in this industry.  

The course allows any candidate to gain the professional, practical and theoretical skills needed for a career in the food industry. Students will learn many new skills in this applied course, and the course focuses on the key stages that are involved in producing a new product, from choosing the materials, developing the product, producing the product and launching it. All these steps are vital in the food industry, so learning these skills at university will only benefit your future job applications within the food industry.  

The one year placement will help each candidate gain the relevant experience related to this course,  with placements being offered in major industries such as Sainsbury’s, Greencore and Premier foods etc.  

This course will ultimately help build a candidates practical skills, analytical skills, professional skills and experience; all great skills that will help you build your C.V early on and show how you have earned your place in the food industry through your experience at a major food company. offers a wide range of food industry jobs all available on our successful job board.

We offer a wide range of job positions in a variety of locations, including graduate jobs in Sheffield.

When choosing a food related degree any information about the food industry is helpful. Our Careers advice page offers all the latest news and informative articles about the food industry, food related news ad what universities are the best for food industry courses.  We offer vital information that will help you decide where you want to study, and what the different cities can offer you as a student and as a new home.