Sales and commercial jobs in South East England

Published on: 13 Oct 2014

Sales and commercial jobs in South East England

Sales ImageThere are a whole host of jobs to be found in the food industry, and undoubtedly one of the most exciting and challenging areas for you to start a career in is in a sales and commercial role. While most people think of the practical work of turning raw materials into food as the core nature of jobs in the food industry, there are in fact a variety of areas that also need top professionals and this includes commercial and sales work. YourFoodJob is an excellent website that allows you to search for exciting jobs in the food industry. We have implemented an accurate and easy to use search facility that lets you customise your searches, ensuring that you only have to look through the jobs that you want.

Our all-inclusive website also lets you create a profile where you can save any jobs you are interested in as well as a variety of other functions to make your job search much better. Not only do we believe in helping people to find suitable roles in the industry, but we also believe in educating and informing them about the food industry and any other relevant topics. On our Careers Advice page you can find a wealth of useful advice and knowledge that can help prepare you for a career in the food industry. In this section we aim to educate people about some of the skills that they are going to need and also publish insightful testimonials from other professionals in the industry. Sales and commercial jobs are one of the most diverse and rewarding areas for you to enter, so continue reading to learn more about why a sales and commercial job in South East England could be perfect for you.

Choosing South East England as a place to live and work

Canterbury CathedralIf you are going to move to a new region in the country, there are two factors which are of paramount importance – your standard of life and your prospect for your career. The south-east of England is a place enjoying excellent economic growth in recent years, so from this perspective there are a large number of exciting jobs to be found in sales and commercial. Many of the country’s largest organisations in the food industry have large bases of operations in south-east England, making it an excellent place to pursue a career in. The region is generally a prosperous place that has one of the best regional economies in the country so it is a place that is full of potential and opportunity from a career perspective.

It is also desirable that any region you pursue a career in is also a place that you can enjoy a full and enriching private life outside of work. South-east England is a region that offers a bit of everything, so whether you are a nature person, a culture lover or a city dweller, the region is home to a unique blend to satisfy all kinds of people. As well as the cultural delights to be found in cities such as Canterbury, people living in the south-east can also enjoy some of the region’s stunning coastline if they are outdoor-lovers. The region’s close proximity to continental Europe also opens up the opportunity for wider travelling as well as the chance to expand your business abroad.

Why enter sales and marketing?

As with any business offering a product, companies working in the food industry will need a strong sales and marketing team in order to create brand awareness and expand their name across the country and abroad. Sales and marketing requires a diverse array of skills, so it is potentially an area that people from all educational and professional backgrounds will be able to succeed in. Perhaps the most appealing thing about pursuing a career in the area is the fact that it is a demanding and rewarding role that constantly challenges you on a day-to-day basis. Much of the experience that you can accumulate in the job can stand you in good stead for the rest of your career, bolstering your skill set and preparing you for some of the challenges inherent in more senior positions as you climb up the career ladder.

An additional benefit of entering a sales and marketing role is the fact that many roles offer performance-based bonuses that reward those who really flourish in their position. This means that if you are one of the top performers at your company, you will be rewarded for it financially and your excellent performance will be noted. It is also an appealing position as many roles offer on-the-job training over the months which gives a chance to people of all experience levels to prove themselves. The diverse career branches that can be followed by starting up in sales and marketing make it a flexible course to follow with many potential options in the long run.

How we help you

Our website is designed to make the job searching process as accurate yet simple as possible so you do not have to struggle to find a suitable position. One of the great things about our search facility is that it is highly customisable, letting you creating unique searches to narrow down the jobs you look at. Rather than having to scroll through hundreds of irrelevant jobs, you can search for jobs in particular areas such as sales and marketing or engineering. We have also included a function to narrow your searches down to specific geographical areas, so you can look for jobs in your area if you don’t want to move around the country or you can find jobs in an area you would be interested in moving to. Finally, our salary search function allows you to filter out roles that are above or below your experience level so you only see jobs matching your salary expectations. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the food industry, YourFoodJob is the perfect place to get started.