Sales and commercial food jobs in London

Published on: 28 Oct 2014

Sales Jobs ImageSales and commercial jobs are undoubtedly one of the more exciting career paths that you can go down, yet it is also one of the most demanding disciplines that will require you to be on your toes at all times. Any organisation that has a product to sell will need a sales and commercial team to facilitate this for them. The area is one that requires quite a varied individual possessing a number of different skill sets, so if you are someone that is able in many different areas, sales and commercial food jobs in London may be the right thing to start looking for. are dedicated to helping people make their career dreams a reality by matching them up with suitable positions in the food industry. We understand that searching for a job can be a stressful and difficult business, so we aim to make the entire process as straightforward and efficient as possible. Our accurate and customisable search function lets you find jobs matching your parameters, ensuring that you only have to browse through exactly what you want. This makes it much easier for you to compare different positions rather than having to sift through hundreds of irrelevant jobs which only serves to make the process more stressful.

Before you do start looking for a job in the food industry, it is worth learning a little bit more about the industry itself to see whether it is something suitable for you. If you are looking for a sales and commercial job in particular, understanding a bit more about what this entails in the food industry can also help you to decide whether it is an area that matches what you want out of your career.

Is the food industry right for you?

Out of all the different industries that you may want to start searching for a sales and commercial job in, the food industry is an industry that may particularly appeal to you if you are looking for something new and challenging on a daily basis. Working in a sales and commercial position in the food industry is immensely exciting as the area is so varied that you could be working on almost anything. On the one hand, you may be responsible for coming up with public advertising campaign which is an exciting creative enterprise, or you may be more responsible for striking deals with other businesses in the industry which requires much more business and economic nous.

The versatility of the industry is perhaps what appeals to most people as they simply do not know what new challenges they are going to face each month. Having something new and fresh to work on consistently always keeps job satisfaction levels very high, and it also ensures that you feel like you are really being tested and trialled which only serves to strengthen your professional qualities. While many people can end up bored with their job and feel like moving to a new area, sales and commercial jobs are so dynamic that you are highly unlikely to want to change as a change comes about so often in your job itself.

Choosing London to work in sales and commercial

London ImageFor many people, working in London is the peak of professional accomplishment and is the one place where they want to be during their career. As one of the largest and most exciting cities in the entire world with a booming economy, London offers an almost endless supply of exciting and dynamic jobs. This sprawling city is home to countless companies from all kinds of industries, with many of the most prominent companies in the food industry having headquarters here. Because of the tendency for professional roles to be much more office-based rather than hands-on production jobs in the capital, London is the perfect place to start looking for a sales and commercial job.

Putting aside considering London from a purely professional perspective, many people may want to live in the capital purely for its lifestyle opportunities. London has practically everything you could possibly imagine, possessing a unique blend of vibrant entertainment opportunities, immense cultural attractions and much, much more. There are many unique districts in London where you may want to base yourself such as Camden, an artistic and quirky area or Chelsea, a prestigious and wealthy district. While the cost of living is considerably higher in London than most of the country, most jobs tend to reflect this increase in living costs in an increased salary level.

Why use

Looking and applying for jobs can be very difficult and can seem to be a fruitless exercise if you find you are getting nowhere with it. If you have been looking for positions in the food industry for many months without any luck, it may be that you are looking in all the wrong places or you are making some unfortunate mistakes with your applications. Not only do we help our visitors to find jobs but we also provide them with invaluable career and job application advice which can help them optimise their chances of getting their dream position. Our careers advice section is home to a wealth of information about the food industry itself as well as more general tips such as how to pass a job interview.

Perhaps most important is our customised search facility which lets you narrow down your job searches according to your specific parameters. If you only want to view jobs in a specific area of the country then you can narrow down jobs by location, or if you are only interested in a particular discipline such as sales and marketing you can filter out all other areas. You can also search for jobs in a specific salary band which allows you to find a position matching your level of experience. If you want to make the most out of our website, you can create a profile that saves your searches and also sends you job alerts when something suitable comes up.