Reaseheath College

Published on: 17 Mar 2015

Located in Cheshire, Reaseheath College is a leading land-based specialist college with around 330 hectares of parklands, farms, lakes and woodlands. Providing many technical hands on courses, Reaseheath pride themselves on putting students at the heart of all their activities, guiding student through their studies and achieving their personal goals. With an ‘outstanding in all areas’ judgement from Ofsted, Reaseheath College attracts students from all over the UK and Internationally, with approximately 7,500 learners presently studying. A huge 97% of their students achieved their desired qualification last year!

With the College’s recent successful growth being supported by a £40 million plus capital investment programme, Reaseheath College is ensuring that they offer world class technical and educational facilities and are also planning to expand the number of higher education courses available.

Reaseheath College provides a massively diverse range of courses including Adventure Sports, Construction, Agricultural Engineering, Countryside and Forestry Conversation, Food Technology, Floristry and so much more! This huge variety of specialised courses enables you to find a course which you are passionate about and with the help of the supportive staff, Reaseheath College want all students to reach their full potential.

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Food Courses at Reaseheath College

Reaseheath College’s Food Centre has become the only educational institution in the UK to be awarded with British Retail Consortium Grade A certification which is a fantastic achievement and very promising for current and future students. Within this Food Centre, they have 3 areas; Bakery, Meat and Dairy which each have commercial processing equipment, onsite laboratories for scientific studies and tests and also NPD facilities.

Possessing these amenities allows Reaseheath to provide specialist food courses which combine practical elements of food science & nutrition with the hands-on experience needed to take the first working step into the food industry. This hands on experience comes from the links to food manufacturers and partners, enabling students to undertake important and relevant work placements, an essential part of your journey into the food industry.

ConfectionerCourse options include Bakery, Butchery and Food Technology, each giving the student the specific qualification for their chosen career path. A course which extremely relevant to the food industry, is the Food Manufacturing with Business Management foundation degree which is on offer at Reaseheath. This fantastic course can lead you straight into a Graduate Management Scheme then onto management roles within the food industry such a Production Manager, Brand Manager, Quality Manager – the opportunities really are endless. Within this course, you will obtain a broad knowledge of the food industry based around Manufacturing, Business and Food Science, key qualities to help you move up in your career ladder.

After completing your Food Manufacturing with Business Management foundation degree, you can do a one year top up which will bring you out with a BSc (Hons) Food Manufacturing with Operations Management.

Graduating with your food degree

The food industry is Britain’s largest private sector employer, with around 3.6 million people working within it – that’s 1 in every 7 jobs or 13% of all UK employment! Year on year the food industry is growing and employers are always recruiting for fresh faced, keen to learn, food graduates. With a degree such as BSc (Hons) Food Manufacturing with Operations Management, you have the option to get onto one of the many Food Graduate Development Scheme’s available in the UK. These schemes usually last for a couple of years and can fast track you to a higher level role with the company. Typically you will experience roles in multiple areas within a food company, you could be responsible for the Production Line for one month, then working as a Logistics Planner the next. This will give the varied experience you need to be able to define yourself and find out where your skills really lie! Leading food manufactures anticipate that within two years working with them, you will be at manager level e.g. Section Manager and within 7-10 you will be at Senior Operations level. Graduate Schemes really are a perfect way to develop a wide range of skills, demonstrating your passion and drive to work in the food industry.