Pudology and Brakes in Foodservice Deal

Published on: 23 Aug 2019

New possibilities emerging

Pudology were one of the early brands to really hit in on the green pound, offering dairy-free and vegan alternatives to puddings that still had a luxurious taste and mouthfeel. They were soon scooped up by retailers, but this latest development is one that Wager is singing about.

PudShe described the Brakes debut as “one of the most exciting launches since Ocado back in 2012”. The brand has been growing quietly, perhaps due to the fact that they have not outpaced themselves on product development. They only have two variants listed with the catering supplier: the Chocolate Pot and Chocolate Orange Pot, at 45g each.

“We launched with Brakes just two-three weeks ago so it is all very new, but the products are now live and we are working hard to engage with people in this sector,” said Wager. “The opportunities are enormous… I would hope, by this time next year, we could be looking at having nearly 50% of the business made up of foodservice sales.”


She went on to describe the move as a “step-change”, and also added that the market for vegan and gluten-free products was continuing to evolve over time.

“We have focused almost entirely on the more traditional retail outlets up until now and this feels like an exciting move as customers are choosing to shop in different ways and we want to make sure Pudology is available to all,” she said, also announcing that they had “opened up a brand-new customer for Pudology” through a deal with Musclefood.

This deal will see the same flavour choices available through the retailer as shot pots. A third line is expected to be added before September.

Alternative eating choices

While the brand has to be a friendly place for vegans looking for food jobs like those here, it’s also a personal story for Wager. She chose to launch Pudology after being diagnosed with dairy and egg intolerance, which forced her to look for alternative choices in the dessert sector.

The Pudology pots are now available in Asda, Sainsbury’s, Gousto, Booths, The Vegan Kind, and Ocado.

A recent move saw the company relocating to Gateshead last year, in order to accommodate their growth in a new facility. They produce 20,000 units a week at the current site. This is helped along by a small but growing team of staff. If you are interested in joining them, check out our job listings here.

Horizon“We already have that capacity in place and are excited about the coming 12 months as volumes increase and we bring new products into the range,” said Wager. Good things are set to be on this company’s horizon.