Production and Manufacturing Food Jobs in London

Published on: 26 Feb 2014

Production Jobs on YFJ

Food ProductionThe Production and Manufacturing sector makes up a huge proportion of the UK job market, the second most popular search amongst job seekers. It makes up around 15 to 18% of all activity on

Example positions for Production and Manufacturing are:

  • Order Picker
  • Production Supervisor
  • Product Developer
  • Stock Controller

A little about London

London is the capital city of England and the largest city in the UK. The metropolitan area of the city has the largest population in the EU with over 13 million people living and working within the city limits.

It is an international centre for arts, literature and fashion and tourism, which attracts people from all over the UK and across the world. It has some of the most famous entertainment venues in the country including the West End Theatre and the Tate Modern art gallery.

Kings CollegeLondon has 43 universities which give the city the largest proportion of graduates anywhere in the UK. 60% of people of working age possess a degree, which makes the job market varied and competitive.

As a result of the restaurants and venues spread all across the city, there are job ranging from production operatives and order pickers, right through to senior management level jobs. Many of these will fall into the Production and Manufacturing food jobs category. will find you the perfect job receives over 60,000 visitors every month looking to find a position in one of the diverse food production and manufacturing companies across the country.

This is the reason they are the number one choice for finding production and manufacturing food jobs in London. They allow job searchers access to all of the top vacancies advertised in the region and receive alerts from some of the largest food companies.

Allied Bakeries, Bakkavor, Greencore, Brakes and Arla are among some of the well renowned names in the food industry that have advertised a selection of production and manufacturing food jobs this year. was established 8 years ago in 2006 and has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. The website provides useful tools to assist you in finding your ideal position and have plenty of good advice and guidance to help you through the interview stages.

Registration is free of charge, so you can set yourself up an account and get searching in minutes. Once you are registered you can quickly look through as many as 1,000 live positions across London and the UK.

Below is a brief description of some of the great tools available for job hunters that are featured on the website.

Job Alerts Tool

When you are looking for a position in any industry, it is important that you make use of any tools which are provided to make your job easier. For production and manufacturing food jobs in London the Job Alerts Tool can be set up to send you details of any positions which match your requirements.

You can set up the alerts really simply using keywords and phrases to ensure you only get jobs which are relevant to you. You could use key phrases like ‘Production and Manufacturing Food Jobs’ or just keywords like ‘Production’ and ‘Manufacturing’.

One you have chosen your keywords you can then select a location to make sure you only get positions you are able to commute to. For production and manufacturing food jobs in London you would select a location such as ‘London’.

Once you have this set up, the website will regularly check for any positions which match your requirements in the chosen industry.

Because it is always best to broaden your search as much as possible, you can arrange up to four job alerts in different locations or industries using variations of keywords in order to maximise the potential of your search.

Creating a Profile

An important tool for maximising the chances of finding employment in your chosen industry is to set up an online job profile on This allows you to list your key skills and competencies and then allow recruiters to effectively ‘head hunt’ you for positions.

Creating a profile is really easy. There are three simple steps:

  1. Go to the top of the webpage and select ‘Create Account’
  2. Enter all of the details requested (Remember details highlighted with a red star* are mandatory)
  3. Click on the ‘Create an Account’ button to finalise your profile.

Setting up a profile allows recruiters to match positions they have available with the skills you have listed, offering them a simple method of getting in touch. By listing the industry you want to get into and listing skills such as ‘production and manufacturing’, recruiters with suitable positions can find you in easily.

Career Advice

One of the difficulties most job seekers face is deciding which job role and industry would be best suited to the skills they possess, but also which positions they would most enjoy.

Many people are unsure of where to start, which is why offers career advice to get you on your way. The career advice section of the website has leads of essential information such as updating your C.V, interview techniques, transferrable skills and much more.

It also offers advice on what the position or industry you are going to has to offer and what to expect from recruitment agencies or your first day of work.

Whatever job you are looking for, if your role falls into the production and manufacturing food jobs sector then getting a little career advice can make the whole process easier.

Graduate Jobs

As London has such a high level of graduates, is the ideal tool to search for production and manufacturing graduate food jobs. has a large selection of graduate roles which are aimed at those who have just finished university and are looking for their first step on the career ladder.

Many of these jobs are entry level positions which are perfect for graduates, allowing employers to take on newly educated professionals in the hope of nurturing them into essential skilled employees.

For more information on graduate production and manufacturing food jobs in London or any other position across the UK, please visit