Premier Going Gluten-Free

Published on: 5 Aug 2016

Premier FoodsPremier Foods plc are planning to grow their sales of gluten-free snacks in the UK food market, hoping to capitalise on the rising number of consumers who no longer wish to purchase products containing gluten.

Whether out of a dietary need, thanks to gluten intolerance, or as a lifestyle choice, growing numbers of people in the UK are removing gluten from their diets. This could be a great chance for Premier Foods to popularise their new Peckish snacks.

Peckish Food Line

The Peckish snacks were in fact created by Premier Food’s partners in Australia, Menora Foods. They avoid the use of gluten by the fact that they are created from rice bran oil, and are then baked instead of fried to achieve the right consistency and flavour.

There are four flavours available in this first range: cheddar cheese, sea salt and vinegar, tangy BBQ, and sour cream and chive. This should help to satisfy many consumers, offering popular choices which are often included in other snack lines.

The snacks have already been undergoing consumer testing in the real world, with in-store sampling conducted at some Tesco branches. This has been helping to boost the awareness of the range amongst consumers as well as securing some premium aisle space for the brand. Although it was introduced previously, Premier Foods have now taken the decision to repackage the range in order to make sure that it has the most possible impact when seen on the shelf.

Gluten Free ImagePeckish snacks are not just a good choice for gluten-free diets, but also for those who are health conscious. They contain just 90 calories per portion, making them a great snack for any time of day without having to pile on the pounds as a result.

"The healthier and rice snack sectors account for 60% of total savoury snacks growth," said marketing controller Andy Smith. "As a gluten-free, baked rice product that already has a loyal following, Peckish is perfectly placed to help retailers meet the consumer demand for lighter options."

Peckish has already made big waves in Australia and New Zealand, becoming the number one rice cracker brand there, and similar success is hoped for in the UK food market.

Creating Better Snacks

If you are interested in the idea of creating healthier snacks which appeal to different dietary requirements, then a career in the food industry could be awaiting you. Development chef jobs are open for those who want to have a direct hand in creating new products, experimenting with ingredients and flavours to create new options for the supermarket shelves.

If you do not have the flair of a chef but still want to be involved with bringing healthy food to the shops, then consider a new product development job. Your responsibilities in these roles will include coming up with new ideas, recognising gaps in the product market, and seeing how to refine existing products into something new and exciting. This can be a very challenging role, and can command a strong salary as a result.

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