Plymouth University

Published on: 10 Jul 2015

The times higher education ranked Plymouth university as equal 37th in a list of the world 100 best universities under 50 years old in April 2015. Renowned for its sandy beaches that are perfect for rock pooling, surfing and swimming, it provides students with the opportunity for them to find the right balance of studying to relaxation.

History of Plymouth University

Plymouth University is located in the South West of England; with over 26,900 students it is the 15th largest university in the UK. It is made up of four different faculties containing different schools and a new medical and dental school. The four faculties are the faculty of arts and uni of plymouth [square]humanities, faculty of health and human sciences, faculty of science and engineering and the faculty of business. The Medical and dental school is called the Plymouth University Peninsula schools of medicine and dentistry.

Food and Nutrition related degrees

There are multiple food and nutrition related degrees and foundation degrees that are available for students to study at Plymouth University including nutrition, exercise and health and dietetics.

Nutrition, exercise and health is a 3-year degree, which provides students with the opportunity to do an optional placement between years 2 and 3. Students can discover how diet and physical activity can contribute to chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. After graduating students acquire accreditation by the association for nutrition which provides them with direct entry onto the register of associate nutritionists. 1st year students study the core sciences that form the foundations of the contributions of exercise and nutrition to health. 2nd year students develop their first year knowledge and also learn skills that are used in professional practice and research. If a student is successful on their placement year then they can be awarded a university certificate of professional experience, which will benefit them when looking for future employment. 3rd year students are given the opportunity to reinforce their understanding about how nutrition and exercise can affect public health.

Dietetics is also a 3 year degree however rather than there being a separate placement year, the 27 weeks of clinical placements are integrated into the 3 years. This degree is more medical than the other degree as it focuses more on the impact of food and nutrition on health and it integrates abstract modules with clinical placements. At the end of the degree students can apply for registration with the health and care professions council and the British dietetic association accredits this degree. This degree has a strong patient focus and due to it being accredited and having this feature it means that students are more prepared when they enter employment after graduation.

Why should you choose Plymouth to study and live in?

plymouth stairsAccording to the website unistats, 84% of students are employed 6 months after graduating with a degree in nutrition, exercise and health.

Plymouth University has a strong students union providing students with the chance to participate in over 100 different societies. There is also a strong sports presence with a gym, sports hall, 3 squash courts and a studio that runs multiple classes.

Plymouth is known for its sandy beaches, which provides the perfect opportunity for students to get involved in things like sailing. The fact that students are so close to the sea means that there is the possibility of taking a ferry to both France and Spain.

Plymouth hoe is known as the ‘natural heart’ of Plymouth and has fantastic views across Plymouth sound, which is one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. Plymouth hoe can also provide students with the chance to visit the iconic red and white striped Smeaton’s tower lighthouse. are proud to work with the leading food manufacturers, helping them place food professionals in different roles within the company. The Food Industry loves food graduates as they have knowledge and practical skills and also the willingness to learn and train. Graduate roles can develop into Operations roles over peiod of time so is a really good place to start your career.

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