Pastry Chef Jobs

Published on: 22 Jun 2015

For many people, the job of 'chef' is typically held to encompass all aspects of cookery, usually within a restaurant setting. The reality is that there are several different types of chef, working in a lot of different industries. has an exhaustive list of jobs available, including pastry chef jobs. The hard work of trying to find specific jobs in the industry is done for you, enabling you to focus your search and find the job you really want. Pastry chefs are usually called by their French moniker, pâtissièr, and have been a fixture in professional kitchens for a long time. In a restaurant setting, pastry chefs do the majority of their work before they're actually needed, since pastry as a base can be prepared well in advance.

pastry chef jobs 


The pastry industry has been through some turmoil in the last decade, including consolidation moves from the market's big players. Back in 2007 the UK saw the closing of one of the oldest pastry product manufacturers and its assimilation by General Mills UK. This might lead potential recruits to think this market is in flux, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, the UK has a fondness for pastry that has outlasted upheavals in the industry—especially because of the brand power of certain products, including Jus-Rol ready made pastry, a staple in millions of homes around the country. Some products actually even have 'geographical protection', such as Melton Mowbray pies, so that their futures are assured.


Pastry chef jobs can be available in everything from 5* restaurants to behind-the-scenes technology development, and it is in their variety that these jobs are so interesting. The biggest hirers in the industry are also some of the biggest brand names on UK supermarket shelves, offering recruits job security rarely found in other industries. In this health conscious age, pastry chefs have been forced to innovate endless ways of reducing the high saturated fat content of pastry without sacrificing flavour or texture. The recipes also have to stand the test of time, requiring longer sell-by dates than other packaged food like sandwiches. One major innovation that pastry chefs are responsible for is the creation of gluten-free pastry, since there is a growing segment of the population that are either gluten-intolerant or simply keen to reduce the amount of gluten in their diets.


Apprentice Pastry ChefFinding pastry chef jobs without the right experience can be difficult for new graduates. There are apprenticeships out there if you're in the right area of the country, but otherwise the best place to start is locally—finding a restaurant or café that you know does pastry well, for instance. A lot of working with pastry is about innovation, so work on new recipes in your spare time, finding new ways to use this incredibly versatile food-type to impress potential employers. Although can help you find the position that's right for you, you need to decide what type of work you want to be doing in this industry. Are you about the big picture, or do you prefer to work with the product yourself? is capable of finding the right job for you, in the right area, with adjustable search parameters that can be indispensable when on the job hunt. The truth is that jobs in the food industry can be right under your nose without you realising it, since many employers actually prefer to use jobs listings sites like this one in order to find the right candidate. Our customisable search engine will only show you the positions that you want to see, and if you sign up for our jobs by email service you need only set your requirements once. After that, we will inform you whenever a job comes up that we're sure you'll be interested in. You can even set the frequency of emails you receive (although we recommend a daily alert to keep you ahead of your competitors).


Working with pastry is so revered in certain circles that it is considered almost an art form, and there are several competitions that seek to reward the very best pastry chefs in the world. This should be indication enough that working with pastry can be a fulfilling, enjoyable type of employment.  Begin your search for the right pastry chef jobs with our search engine, and you could be joining the ranks of successful chefs the world over.