Palethorpes Bakery Creates 100 Jobs

Published on: 27 Jul 2018

The distribution centre, which is based at their site in Market Drayton, cost £1.3 million to build.

Latest technology

The distribution centre features the latest technology which will help the firm to raise productivity. This includes spectacular lighting and refrigeration upgrades, in a space which has capacity for more than 700 pallets. In order to get the distribution centre into action, the firm is undergoing food recruitment for more than 100 new positions.

New StaffThis sizable investment clearly has the management team excited to start moving forwards, but the emphasis has been put on the need for new staff members – as well as the opportunity that this provides for them to offer gainful employment to a wider number of people.

The site will require staff across a whole range of positions involved in the operation of the centre, with both full and part time positions available as well as day and night shifts. They have stated that salaries will range from £15,676 to £21,922. The wage will depend on the chosen shift pattern as well as the previous experience that the worker brings to the job. It’s a good starting wage, and certainly something that most young workers would be happy to snap up – especially those that have chosen not to go on with education at a higher level, something we will come back to in a moment.

There are already more than 650 food jobs at Palethorpes Bakery, making it a strong employer in the local region. These range across a number of departments as required to produce the goods from the bakery.

An exciting time

Jason Page is the HR Manager for Palethorpes Bakery. He said, “This is a very exciting time for us here at Palethorpes Bakery, with over £1m investment in improving our distribution capacity and the creation of over 100 new jobs. We’re actively involved in the local community here in Market Drayton and are interested to hear from candidates who want to find out about the exciting opportunities we have to offer.”

School They have also started an outreach programme with The Grove School, a local education centre – the idea being to recruit new workers here and give them the skills needed, as alluded above. This has been set up in conjunction with IGD Feeding Britain’s Future, a scheme which has the goal of giving good working skills to the next generation of employees before they leave school. Whether they choose to apply those skills at Palethorpes or carry on to somewhere new will ultimately be up to them.

Those who are in their final year of studies will be given career advice, including a pipeline which could allow some of the youngsters to seek employment with the company after they have finished their education.

The Palethorpes Bakery is owned by Addo Food Group, which produces Pastries chilled savoury pastry products across the UK. It employs more than 2,500 people across the six sites it has in the country. Aside from Palethorpes, these are Tottle Bakery, Dorset Foods, Poole Bakery, Riverside Bakery, and Spalding Bakery.

The new distribution centre was opened with suitable pomp last month, in a ceremony attended by Mark Whittle, the Mayor of Market Drayton. He was accompanied by dispatch employees from Addo Food Group, Louisa James and Alex Birch.

The new centre will certainly increase the production capacity for Palethorpes Bakery, and will increase their standing as a local employer whilst making good on their promises to take on school leavers where possible.