Nottingham Trent University

Published on: 29 Jun 2015

There are numerous universities to choose among when it comes to deciding where to go, with many institutions offering food and drink courses to set you up for a career in the food industry. Choosing the right university is one of the crucial steps towards achieving your dream goal.

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University is a public university founded in 1992 from Trent Polytechnic. The University is seen to have one of the top employability records in England and Wales, upholding close ties with over nottingham trent uni logo6,000 businesses, providing students with the perfect platform to achieve full-time employment after graduating. In addition, Nottingham Trent is currently standing at impressive 51 out of 119 universities in the 2016 League tables.

With over 28,000 students, the University is one of the largest in the United Kingdom; being split over three different campuses, the city site, Clifton campus and Brackenhurst. The latter being where students are able to study food and drink courses. Nottingham Trent offers over 200 courses to choose from, bringing a great diversity to suit the needs and interests of all potential and existing students.

 In 2005, the University saw a redevelopment project, renovating a great deal of the university grounds and drawing in many more students from around the globe. Complete refurbishment was welcomed on all campuses, whilst Brackenhurst gained new accommodation residences along with a futuristic library.

Why choose Nottingham?

Nottingham is a city in the East Midlands, with large urban areas around the centre. Throughout the years, Nottingham has created links to the legend of Robin Hood and to the lace-making, bicycle and tobacco industries.

Nottingham CastleNottingham has become a popular tourist destination, with two capacity theatres, museums and art galleries along with the Broadway and Savoy cinema. In addition, Nottingham is also home to some huge music venues including the Capital FM arena and Rock City which both host UK and international artists. The city also puts on two annual music festivals, Dot to Dot and Splendour, who both hold huge global headline acts.

The city has an award winning transport system, creating easy access for students and tourists to travel and explore the city and its surrounding areas. Nottingham owns the largest publicly run bus network in England, whilst Nottingham railway station and tram system create more transport links for commuters. On a global perspective, East Midlands Airport is approximately 13 miles southwest of the city.

Another key appeal to Nottingham city centre is the wide variety of shops and restaurants. There are two shopping centres in Nottingham at either end of the city, both filled with high street shops, these being the Broadmarsh centre and the Victoria Centre. There are also several smaller shopping centres with designer shops, as well as the lace market, which homes the independent shops and cafés. There are over 200 places to eat and drink in Nottingham, creating a vibrant day and nightlife for all ages.

University life at Nottingham Trent

Being at university is not all about studying and taking exams; there is also a social side, which plays a huge role in your time at university. At Nottingham Trent, students are spoilt for choice among the many activities offered to them.

For the sporting enthusiasts, the University gives students access to a range of excellent facilities, including sports halls, squash courts, fitness studios and an impressive newly built 30ft climbing wall. There are over 50 sports clubs at Nottingham Trent who welcome players of all standards and abilities. Many of these clubs choose to represent themselves, competing against other universities in leagues and competitions.

Nottingham Trent University also assists students in helping out in the local community. The Nottingham Trent Volunteering and Students’ Union fundraising group offers you the chance to get involved in a wide range of fundraising activities worldwide. In addition to this there are over 130 local organisations that offer course-related experience for both under-graduates and post-graduates.

The University recently built a brand new Students’ Union on their City site, providing all students accessibility to the three-storey social and leisure space. The 24,000 capacity union has been completed with a large stage, offering an area for live music and entertainment, whilst also being a daytime bar. In addition the Students’ Union can provide a more relaxed place to go for students to complete work or socialise, offering two lounges and café bars.

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Food Science and Technology degree

Nottingham Trent University offers a foundation degree in Food Science and Technology, designed to meet the requirements of the food and drink industry. This specific course runs over a two year period, with students expected to attend university one day a week for lectures and seminars, whilst undertaking a placement in the food industry as well as independent studies for the other time. Given this opportunity, it allows students to get a head start in the industry, forming early connections with potential employers.

The course has up to 12 modules available for students, allowing you to get to grips with food science, as well as food safety, nutrition development and food industry management. In addition the course permits each student to take part in a project, giving students the opportunity to show off the skills learnt through lectures and placements.

By giving students the day release, it allows them to merge their studies with work, whilst applying what is taught in university to the workplace. By working with others from the food and drink industry, it is anticipated that students will pick up invaluable life experiences, gaining an upper hand when looking for work.

Nottingham Trent University also offers individuals who are already employed in the food industry a one-year full time top up course. This allows students to gain an industry-focused higher qualification, assisting career progression to management levels.

The up-to-date campus and stimulating university life style, along with a food and drink related course would provide you with multiple benefits towards your degree and future food industry career. The education at Nottingham Trent University, along with the Nottingham social life puts students in the perfect position to enter the food and drink industry.