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Published on: 8 Apr 2015

Newcastle UniversityNewcastle is an incredibly vibrant and popular city, with reality TV shows and popular clubs putting Newcastle firmly on the map. For many young people choosing a university that’s right for them is an important step in continuing your higher education, especially if you’re looking into a career within the food industry.

Many Universities offer food courses or food related degrees, but in order to find the perfect degree you must research the universities that specialise in food disciplines that will help further your future career.

Choosing a university can be a difficult choice, particularly as you are looking at not only the subject you wish to study but also where you will move too and live your student life.  

The History of Newcastle University

In 1963 Kings College became the University of Newcastle following an act of parliament, which then became known as Newcastle University.   

Newcastle University is a Red Brick University, meaning it is a member of the Russell Group. The Russell group is an association that includes all universities that are classed as research intensive UK universities.

Newcastle University has one of the largest EU research portfolios in the UK and this alone attracts over 20,000 students that choose Newcastle as their place of study.  There are 24 academic schools for teaching and research, and 40 research institutes that all aim to put learning into practice. If you are interested in the food industry then this research is perfect for your experience of the food industry and will look great on any application.

There are three faculties that facilitate the research at the university: The faculties of humanities and social science, the faculty of medical science and Agriculture and engineering.

If you choose to study at University you will benefit from the range of degrees on offer. The University offers around 175 full- time undergraduate degree programmes in many subjects in the arts, sciences, medicine etc. and this is followed by around 340 postgraduate degrees that are taught based on lectures and research programmes all aimed to increase knowledge and experience.

newcastle university

University life at Newcastle

Studying at University is not all about getting the grades and putting in the time. University life is also about enjoying the university experience, from sports to nightclubs and campus life.

Newcastle University is constantly investing in campus facilities and opportunities, all designed to increase the enjoyment of student life and make it easier to make lifelong friends and discover new passions.  

There are wide range of activities on campus including the students union, sports, Arts and Culture and a wide range of support available.

Food and nutrition degree

Newcastle University offers a food and nutrition BSc honours degree, which lasts for four years and provides the opportunity to study the impact of nutrition on health and disease from the research into cells all the way to how it affects people and the population.

This course allows you to discover the impact of food composition and processing on the quality of the product, the consumers views and the nutritional value of the product. As well as this the course allows each student the opportunity to study areas of marketing, science and biology that can all be used in the food industry and be vital food industry skills. 

The course runs for 4 years and is split between lectures, seminars, group discussions etc. with a chance of a placement to gain hands on experience.

Placements are offered in companies such as Marks and Spencer’s, Tesco’s etc. and this opportunity combines taking the lessons learnt in lectures and through teaching, and applying it to a more practical environment.   

Taking advantage of every opportunity offered by the University is a great chance for any ambitious student to use the knowledge they have been taught and use it when discovering the practical side of the food industry, or when writing up essays and dissertations that require hands on experience.

Why choose Newcastle?

Newcastle Image 2 According to the Guardian travel awards 2014, Newcastle is the UK’s favourite city, so there is no doubt it is a great city to live and study in. 

Newcastle has a wide range of bars, nightclubs and pubs on offer to relax after a stressful week of studying.

Places such as Ouseburn Valley offer enough bars and enjoyment to rival any European city, with lots of live events and gigs to enjoy long into the night. As well as this there are also many music venues and live concerts that all students can enjoy, from mainstream venues to private gigs.

However it’s not just the nightlife on offer in Newcastle, this vibrant city has a proud history and reputation for sport, and the campus lies very near to the grounds of Newcastle United football club- perfect for any crazy sports fan!

The North East of England has many beaches to take advantage of when the weather is good, as well as relaxing shopping malls to indulge in every now and then.  As well as this there are year round theatres, attractions and festivals that help Newcastle stay ahead of other cities in beauty, art and fun!

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As with any job in the food industry knowledge of the industry is vital in making a positive step in the food industry. Our careers advice page has all the latest food industry news and places of study, and can help you research universities or job opportunities on offer around the country.

Choosing to study at Newcastle University is a wise choice, as the food and nutrition course available will give each food industry candidate their best chance of getting into the industry, and progressing through the knowledge they have gained through the research and teaching at Newcastle University.