Marketing food jobs in Yorkshire

Published on: 25 Feb 2015

Marketing food jobs are very important when it comes to the food industry. Knowing your audience, targeting them and creating a product based on what people want, is what keeps the food industry running smoothly. offers a wide range of marketing food jobs in Yorkshire and elsewhere, all vital for the food industry. Marketing skills from other professions are an advantage in this field of work, but ultimately research and knowledge of the food industry goes further when understanding the product and how to produce and sell it etc.  Market research can fit into this, as knowing what the customer wants can benefit your research for production and ultimately the final product.  

What is Marketing/ why is it beneficial?

MarketingMarketing is essentially the strategies used in selling and communicating your products or ideas to a wide range of people, most notably the consumer. Marketing involves expressing how much value your product has or will generate, and help towards creating or selling the final product.

The main purpose of marketing is to understand your consumer and what they want. As well as gaining research into what they want and would buy, it also helps figure out what people are generally buying based on what they need or enjoy etc. Marketing strategies such as market research, allow the production of a product or service to be constructed around what people will buy or enjoy based on the collective views of the target audience.

The differing marketing strategies ultimately aim to meet society’s material needs whilst considering the economic factors these involve. As well as using general marketing strategies to form the basis of production and retail etc., marketing also relies of studying people’s behaviour as well as the use of IT to help with the marketing process.  

Marketing food jobs in Yorkshire such as a Graduate customer marketing executive is a position that relies on understanding customer consumer needs with elements of marketing. This role is a support role of a variety of client accounts. The role involves developing ideas and creating professional working relationships.

This marketing role requires the individual to think creatively and analytically and have the ability to identify consumer trends and identify gaps in the consumer market. As well as these marketing skills, computer skills are an advantage when dealing with programmes such as Excel and PowerPoint. This Graduate customer marketing executive role offers the chance to be a part of a growing company, where the right person has every chance to carve out a successful career.

Marketing food jobs in yorkshire offers relevant articles that can relate to your role in marketing. UK FMCG Grocery and Category Management article shows how a role like this requires knowing the consumer and identifying the consumer needs and trends.   

Market research in the news

Current issues going on in the news can help with vital market research and marketing techniques. Healthy food is a big issue in the food industry over the last few years with people rejecting unhealthy food and its products. Therefore when considering marketing techniques it is important to listen to the consumers and base your marketing strategies around the need for healthy food in society.   

The food industry has also started to become a topic discussed in politics, with parties musing over the ‘unhealthy food marketing to kids 

This article shows the effects marketing can have on consumers and the people as a whole. The Labour party has promised to shield children from unhealthy marketing messages that the food industry provides. Labour’s bid is to  “chart a new course towards a healthy nation in the 21st century” should it be elected, showing that they have listened to the consumer needs regarding healthier food, and used this market research to try and appeal to the new consensus.

For example, research into issues such as obesity amongst children, shows that this issue is a problem in society. The inability to prevent obesity means that the food industry must create a new product to help solve this issue, and market healthier ideas to a population who not only needs it but desires it.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham delivered a speech about how unhealthy food is being poorly marketed to a community that doesn’t need it. The speech that is highlighted in the article shows how there is a need to clamp down on how foods high in sugar, fat and salt; foods which are marketed to children.  Labour has listened to the market research and aims to improve the marketing strategies.

"Labour has traditionally led the way on public health and this new approach will chart a new course towards a healthy nation in the 21st century.

"Children need better protection from the pressures of modern living and the harm caused by alcohol, sugar and smoke and Labour will not flinch from taking the action needed to provide it."

Some of these new strategies to help sell and promote newer healthier foods include setting maximum limits on fat, sugar, salt etc. found in foods. This will help combat the problem of people exceeding the limit when it comes to sugar intake from their food, and will be beneficial when trying to sell the product and when considering how to produce it.

Burnham says that Labour will make improvements to their marketing strategies by amending food labelling and tackling the issue of consumption that is making food products unhealthy. Food labelling is a main source of information for consumers, and after market research it is a source of information once the product has been created. not only offers marketing food jobs in Yorkshire, but also has a successful job board with a wide variety of positions in the food industry. If marketing is an area you wish to pursue, then has a range of locations to choose from, as well as the option to choose from other job positions in a range of fields from production and manufacturing to engineering or a chef position.

As well as the range of jobs on offer from, there is a jobs by email service meaning that you will never miss any job opportunities in marketing or elsewhere. This service allows you to receive up to five job alerts based on your desired field.

As a potential food job candidate offers a search recruiters page that provide valuable insight into the companies involved in areas of the food industry. This knowledge can help with research as well as seeing how other companies use and improve their market research etc.  Market research can also be found in the latest career advices page, where any changes in the food industry are posted and can help when knowing what consumers are looking for etc.

Marketing jobs are vital in the food industry, and marketing food jobs in Yorkshire provide opportunities around the UK, all vital when producing products based on consumer trends.