Manufacturing food jobs in London

Published on: 2 Oct 2015

Working in London is such an attraction that it has grown from to the size of a small country, and is one of the most important cities in the world. This is not just because of the huge array of things to do and see—it is down to the wealth of opportunities available. Everyone from school-leavers to graduates to veterans of the food industry can find suitable jobs and careers in London. Since so many companies choose to house their headquarters in the UK's capital, there are many different kinds of jobs in the industry too. So why not start your journey and click here for manufacturing food jobs in London.




Samuel Johnson wrote that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”, and although that was a long time ago it still stands true today. The city contains everything one might need, including  world-renowned restaurants that attract visitors in their millions every year. Locations like The Ledbury, often listed among the very best restaurants in the whole country are must-visits if you've money to burn. London is also frequently home to pop-up eateries and unique concept restaurants like Dans Le Noir, where you eat your dishes in the pitch darkness! If you decide to pursue manufacturing food jobs in London, we can guarantee you'll never be bored with activities to suit every individual.


Although western countries are typically associated with manufacturing jobs moving out of cities, London is still home to some of the largest food manufacturers in the world. One of these giants is bread maker Hovis, producer of all sorts of food products and a leading innovator in this sphere. The company has been established for decades, meaning a job here will boost your career to new heights whether you choose to stay for years or move onto new pastures after a time. Currently they are advertising for a health and safety environmental coordinator, an indication of how varied jobs can be in this industry—it is not all about handling the food yourself, so you needn't feel as if this industry isn't looking for someone with your skills.


For instance, Hovis was also recently on the hunt for someone to make their factory more streamlined—pursuing innovation in efficiency to keep their business at the forefront of the market. By doing this not only do they benefit in a fiscal sense, but also in a marketing one, since they ally themselves with innovation in the mind of the consumer.


Hovis isn't alone in the city by any means—competitor and rival Warburtons also has a significant bakery in Enfield, in north London. They are usually on the look out for the latest and best talent to fill vacancies from the shop floor all the way to management positions. These opportunities aren't exclusive to London, since these companies are so large, but there are a great many of them concentrated in a small space. London's phenomenal transport links mean most locations are within acceptable commutable distance, whether it be by bus, train or underground.


As we've mentioned, finding the right food manufacturing jobs in London doesn't have to be the same kind of trial it is elsewhere. With excellent recruitment sites like, you can use our highly customisable search engine to narrow down exactly what kind of job you're looking for, in whatever part of the city you're most interested in. London is a diverse place—each area has its own distinct character and flavour. Are you more comfortable in fancy surroundings like Mayfair, or is the artistic Bethnal Green more to your taste? Using our site you can also set parameters like salary and to exclude jobs you are under (or over) qualified for, making the process of finding the right position that much faster. holds a continuously updated list of available food jobs in London, working in all sorts of different sectors of the industry. If you sign up for our jobs by email service you need only set your requirements once. After that, we will inform you whenever a job comes up that we're sure you'll be interested in. You can even set the frequency of emails you receive (although we recommend a daily alert to keep you ahead of your competitors). London is a city of opportunity, and we can help you find the right one for you.