London Food Corporation Acquires Big Oz

Published on: 18 Oct 2019

Gluten-Free Leader

Big Oz has been a pioneer in the gluten-free market, producing cereals since the company was formed in 1999 – far preceding the current boom for healthy and alternative diets. In fact, the firm has been influential in the growth of this UK market, as the only exclusive manufacturing facility that processes and packs cereal grains free from all 14 allergies that are recognised by the Food Standards Agency.

Cereal Their manufacturing facility is based in Sudbury, and it is thought that all jobs at the site will be preserved by the new owners. Those concerned over their future progress at the company can be reassured by checking out other nearby opportunities available here.

The site produces puffed grains, oats, granola, crispy and soft flakes, healthy extruded snacks, and flours. Their ingredients are sourced globally in order to ensure the finest quality without allergens.

"With Big Oz, London Food Corporation has entered into a fast growing segment of British food manufacturing and allows us to further the cause of healthy living, choice of an increasingly growing number of consumers," said Lalit Premchandani, one of the company’s directors. “Big Oz has an up-to-date plant, a skilled workforce and an established brand. With new ownership, we are confident that Big Oz is rightly poised to withstand challenges and take advantage of opportunities that Brexit may present. Our focus will be to grow this brand in the UK as well as globally. We see the free-from food category as a symbol of wholesome nutrition, great taste, and convenience for our consumers. We are committed to work closely with our partners to tailor our business model such that we become the most preferred supplier in this category.”

Gluten Free

New Outlook

Clive Ball will continue as the manager for Big Oz under the new ownership. He commented: “We are now fully focused on increasing market penetration, bringing a wider variety to our consumers in the UK, and also pursue opportunities coming from export markets that trust UK based manufacturers." He will also be in charge of business development and national sales.

London Food Corporation is co-owned by four partners from London, who each bring their own wealth of experience from core manufacturing sectors or investment banking. They have a history of buying and turning businesses around to profitable growth, which will be what Big Oz employees are hoping for now. You can sign up for job alerts here if you’d wish to join them.

The free-from market only continues to grow, with the market increasing by 37% in the UK in 2018. This gave it a value of £837 million. Furthermore, 39% of adults state that they regularly purchase free-from food and drink, according to statistics from Mintel. 1.3 million households are now gluten-free.