Jobs dans l’agroalimentaire en France

Published on: 27 Nov 2014

The food industry is an incredibly exciting and rewarding industry that provides jobs for people of all backgrounds. Employment in the industry is attractive to many people because the jobs cover many areas, offering opportunities for people who have studied different disciplines. In addition to operational jobs, there are a variety of positions in sales, marketing and product development.

 French CuisineThe food industry in France is the first industrial sector both in terms of turnover and employment, so there is a lot of opportunity to find a job. There are of course different food preferences in France from the rest of the world, so work in France will be a whole new experience. French cuisine also has an excellent worldwide reputation, you can be part of the creation of high quality food products that stand out. is a site dedicated to helping professionals find jobs in the food industry. We offer suitable jobs for people from all professional backgrounds and careers advice that allow you to learn a little more about the industry and what awaits you as a professional. helps you to: - Find jobs - Make detailed research and custom - Find jobs in all sectors of the industry - Get job alerts by email - Learn more about the industry

Why work in the food?

You may think that a job in the food industry is limited to jobs in the production and manufacture of products but it is actually a much more diverse industry that provides jobs in many fields. Although there are many jobs in production, there are also many opportunities for people who have studied or worked in areas as diverse as marketing or business development.

There will always be demand for feed industry therefore always remain very strong, making it an industry where there will always be opportunities. Particularly in France where people like their food, there are many opportunities to work in the food industry. This is a sector which is the applicant and brings challenges everyday. Not knowing what to expect can be very motivating and exciting and ensures that each is different!

Working and Living in France

FranceFrance is recognized as one of the most beautiful and culturally developed countries of the world, allowing it to offer fantastic opportunities. France has a very strong economy with a food industry expanding, so there are always new opportunities. The culinary standards are very high because everyone enjoys the food, get a job in the industry offers the chance to participate in the creation of high-quality food products.

In addition to offering professional opportunities through its food industry booming, it is also a place to live. The country has a low population density, so there are many opportunities for outdoor activities, including beautiful parks and scenic coastline. It is a country with a rich cultural and historical heritage, making it ideal for those who like to explore and discover new things. Finally, the standard of living in France is very high and property prices remained relatively low compared to other countries, so it's a place where we can settle and live easily. How you can help

Get an exciting position in the food industry in France is something very desirable, but this can be difficult if you do not know where to look. The purpose of is to make your job search as simple and accurate as possible so you can immediately start looking for suitable jobs. We understand that finding a job can be very stressful, so we simplified the process to the maximum.

Detailed research and adapted

Through our unique research tool, you can narrow the list of offers in the parameters that interest you. For example, if you are only interested in a job in sales and marketing, you can refine your search results to include only jobs in this sector. You are also able to search by location. Finally, you can search for jobs that fall within a specific salary range. This allows new entrants to the industry to see only the jobs with a realistic remuneration, and very experienced professionals not scroll tenders for which they are overqualified.

Career advice

Although our primary function is to offer appropriate offers, we also understand that newcomers in the industry want to know everything about what awaits them. Our career advice page is incredibly useful with a host of important information that can prepare you for what lies ahead in the food industry. You can read detailed accounts professionals who work or have worked in the industry, you can also learn more about the industry in general or find some useful tips on how to write your resume and how to interview hiring.