Published on: 29 Jul 2016

Campden BRI





When you need scientific services to do with the food industry, there’s one name that will likely be on the tip of your tongue: Campden BRI.

They provide four kinds of service to food companies, all of which may be hugely useful for those who need specific types of information.


So what goes on at Campden Bri? The four main focuses mentioned above comprise analysis and testing, operational support, research and innovation, and knowledge management.

These are the four pillars through which they can help companies within the food industry. This translates to ensuring product safety, bringing quality up to as high a level as possible, and troubleshooting manufacturing problems, which may include the ingredients, the way they are processed, and the way they are package. It also includes implementing HACCP and related systems, aiding product development, undertaking research for companies or agencies, and the publication of best practice guidelines as well as training courses and materials.

In order to carry out this work, they have some of the best quality facilities you will find anywhere, including pilot plants and fully modern laboratories. They do most of their work on a private and confidential basis, although there are a few cases that you can read about if you are curious.

They also have 13 member interest groups, which allows them to stay relevant within the food industry and keep on track with all of their work. They have high level certification for their services, which means that you can trust them to carry out the job with all of the appropriate measures.

What Membership Means

Campden BRI 1Companies can sign up to become members of Campden BRI, a process which you can initiate by speaking to one of their representatives. But what does this mean? Membership comes with many benefits, including the following:

  • Free of charge calls to experts on shorter enquiries
  • 20% of membership fee placed into service account for later use
  • Invitations to networking events
  • Discounts on products and services such as training
  • Easier to fund research for your own company’s private projects
  • Meetings, reports, and summaries to keep you up to date with the latest news

There are currently 2400 member companies, which are based around in the world in 75 different countries. You can see a full list of members on their website; it includes big names such as the 2 Sisters Food Group, 3M Food Safety and 3M Health Care, Adnams Plc, Bakkavor, Cadbury, and Coca-Cola, amongst many others. This is a truly impressive list which runs the length and breadth of the food industry.

Of course, if you are an individual rather than acting on behalf of a company, you will not be able to join as a member. However, you can still access plenty of information on their website, including their latest news and reports along with the results of some scientific research. This could be handy if your job requires you to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Job Opportunities

Of course, you may end up working with Campden BRI yourself if you are scientifically minded, or if your skillset falls towards training and seminars. If you are very experienced in your field, you could consider joining them as an expert consultant, so be sure to keep this option in mind as you progress through your career.

However, there are also plenty of jobs where you may come across Campden BRI on a regular basis, perhaps attending their meetings or controlling your company’s subscription. If you are in a product development role, then you will certainly want to be aware of their research and the findings that they produce. You may even want to instigate a special study on behalf of your company if you have a decision-making role.

Anyone who is involved in health and safety or training within the food industry may also have to deal with them – if not directly, then you may receive training from one of their team members or work to the principles that they have set out. This makes them an important name to know going into a job interview or when working in a new position, so do a little research in your own field.