How To Get Your CV Found Online

Published on: 15 Jun 2020

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How To Get Your CV Found Online

How do I get people to find and read my CV online?  Firstly, ‘people’ aren’t the only gatekeepers making shortlist decisions, robots are playing their part in determining your career path and secondly, no-one actually reads CVs – instead people, robots and automated tracking systems (ATS) are ‘scanning’ CVS in seconds to filter shortlists.  In some instances, humans don’t even see your CV until they see the whites of our eyes.

How to beat the bots


How your CV is formatted is critical if you want Hirers to find you online. If you get this wrong, no matter how successful you are and even if your CV is full of quantifiable achievements, important data can be masked and digital translation can mean your application will easily be overlooked.

The Digital, ATS -Friendly CV

  • Format in a universal Word document.  Play it safe so all ATS and bots can safely scan content (not all systems can scan from PDFs).  Also, files can easily become corrupted and what the Hirer receives may not be presented in the way you indented.
  • Keywords; make sure all industry, experience, skills and industry-specific keywords are littered throughout your CV.  Bold and underlining can help emphasis particular keywords.
  • Keep formatting clean and simple.  No fancy images, text boxes, lines, graphics, tables, logos, photos.  This can mask key data. Bullet points are ok, but avoid fancy bullets.   There are other ways you can inject personality into your CV. 
  • Font – keep it 10 or 11 in size and use Arial or Calibra.
  • Avoid keywords in headers/footers.
  • Use common language, like ‘Production Manager’, rather than bespoke language like ‘Carton Manager’. It may be familiar to you but ..
  • TIP;  match language - make sure the key qualifiers in the job advert, job description or person spec are reflected in your CV (but be honest ; never lie or embellish  - you will get caught out).


  • Create a Linkedin profile that clearly defines your candidate proposition and delivers key messages to your audience. 
  • Make sure your contact details are visible in at least 2 public places.
  • Use keywords to attract Strangers (to convert to Hirers) as they will be looking for you on LinkedIn. 
  • Get noticed by potential Hirers through active engagement demonstrating knowledge and industry experience.
  • Be in the core of your industry so you get noticed by this crowd – your target audience.
  • Pin your CV to your profile (remove personal details not already detailed in your Linkedin profile).  But remember, you cannot track where your CV goes from here, so proceed with caution.
  • Set your career and privacy settings so you can be found by a wider audience
  • Build and utilise your network – this is powerful collateral when job searching.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn career profile mirrors your CV.
  • Utilise Hashtags to draw potential Hirers/Strangers to your profile.
  • Recommendations are like dynamite on your profile
  • Follow companies so they notice you.
  • Join up to 50 Group ; you will instantly widen your reach and audience
  • Have a professional head-shot, you are more likely to get noticed (and your personal brand becomes familiar) and this professionalises your profile, as does the addition of a banner image.
  • Identify your key skills and get these listed (aka Endorsements) – these are powerful for job matching and ranking.

TIP; Publish an article to demonstrate your expertise and this can feature in your summary providing visibility for all viewers to see.  This evidences your subject matter knowledge and instantly provides credibility to your profile.

Should I pay for a premium LinkedIn account? 

I say, it depends.  If you are solely using LinkedIn for engagement, then it’s probably not worth it. You can do that for free. If you want to maximise the Linkedin opportunity, then I think it’s worth paying for the first level premium package (‘Careers’ is currently around £30 p/m, you can switch it off at any time and usually you can get a free first month) to gain access to standard additional features (which are available across all premium packages) such as ‘who has viewed my profile’ and Open Profile status which means you are visible in every search, even if you are outside of a viewer’s network.  Also, anyone can send you an inmail.

Job Boards

Attach your CV to CV job-board CV databases, and enter your record and tweak your CV once a week to keep your CV at the top of search rankings. 

Don’t forget to limit your personal information online.  Scammers, hackers and identify thieves are searching for this kind of information exposure.

And finally, clean up your social media, you may inadvertently be scoring yourself a humongous own-goal.  In the same way you do your research on a potential employer, Hirers will also be doing their due diligence on you! 

How to Get Your CV Found Online was written for by Ginnie Riley;  Career Coach, Job Search Strategist and CV Writer.      (e)


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