How can I avoid inflation in recruitment costs?

Published on: 12 May 2022

How can I avoid inflation in recruitment costs?


With Inflation the key focus for so many, we all must look for value and cost savings. Recruitment costs are no different.  But how can you avoid inflationary pressures in this area?

Let’s be frank, with great difficulty.  If you are utilising a recruiter, whilst you may have consistency with the percentage they charge, you will be seeing the fee increase as salary’s rise to match inflation and attract the best talent available.

Most recruiters in the food industry use and benefit from standard flat fees for advertising.  And you could benefit from these yourself.

Why not advertise directly with the ‘go to’ job board for the food sector and have a simple value-focused pricing model.

No additional costs, no percentage based on remuneration package, just a simple price for an advert, that will be seen by active candidates in the food sector.

The vast majority of food-specialist recruiters have worked with for many years. You can access the Yourfoodjob recruiter A-Z here and see if the recruiters you work with are currently benefitting from the UK’s largest audience of active food-specialist jobseekers.

If you would like to access this candidate market directly, and in the process save up to 90%  vs. standard recruitment agency fees,  you can contact on 01625 502947 or via