Heck Foods Creates 60 Jobs

Published on: 7 Dec 2018

Increased production demands

The company noted that they are currently facing increased demands on production thanks to the fact that they have recently launched an international mail order business, allowing customers to enjoy their products around the world. At the same time, they have also launched a new healthy frankfurter, which they call a Heckfurter, into the German market.

SupermarketThroughout this year, Heck have consistently increased their listings across a range of different nationwide retailers and supermarkets, as well as going online through Amazon Fresh and Ocado.

The investment of £4 million will allow them to take on 60 more people in food jobs, though it has not been made clear where in the facility the new team members will be needed as yet.

“Our vegetarian launch has also been a complete hit and we continue to be much loved by the fitness and slimming community with our tasty chicken burger and sausage range,” said Co-founder Jamie Keeble.

SausagesRishi Sunak is the local Conservative MP for Richmond. He praised the company for what he called its “uniquely innovative approach to food and running its business”, and went on to add that he had been keeping a close eye on Heck over time. “I have followed its progress closely in recent years and it is great news to see it expanding and taking on more employees,” he said. “The Government is supporting businesses like this on a local and national scale. Heck’s expansion plans demonstrate how North Yorkshire is a county of enterprise and success.”

An international view

While politicians might be keen to emphasise the company’s strong links with North Yorkshire, the management are looking further afield. They hold a more international view of their market, even when acknowledging current political difficulties.

Keeble, when commenting on the company’s work within the European market, said: “Despite all the doom and gloom about Brexit, we are proud to be a European family and friends business. We will be investing in more German machinery in our factory and can now get bangers to Berlin as fast as we can get sausages to Southampton. We are looking forward to taking our tasty range to kitchen tables across the Continent.”

FastGrowthTheir approach is evidently working. Heck were recognised as the 21st fastest growing company in the UK in December 2017, in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 List. This list denotes the companies that are skyrocketing to success, and the past year has not been any less busy for the brand.

Heck have even been pictured on the small screen recently. Gregg Wallace, star of Masterchef, visited the site in one of the episodes of BBC television series Inside the Factory. This footage featured a number of individuals who were employed in food manufacturing roles within the company.

They have even featured in an advertising campaign – and not for their own products. They were featured in Lloyds Bank’s national print, online, and radio advertising campaign as an example of a company that has successfully been grown from an initial investment. It seems that their hard work is being acknowledged from all corners, and the consumer demand increase shows no signs of slowing down.

This new expansion could be just what they need in order to take the company to the next level.