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Published on: 15 Jan 2015

Being a Graduate in this day and age can be a struggle. The constant dilemma in trying to find the perfect job opportunity and being able to set yourself apart from other candidates is one that most graduates experience. However when you know the right place, and you have the right passion and skills, applying for a perfect job becomes a little less stressful! is the perfect source for finding all types of jobs within the food industry.  The different industries that exist within the food industry as a whole, can all be found on the job search  page of one website, making it almost impossible to miss any opportunities that arise.

graduate jobs dedicates itself on providing an efficient search engine that can help you browse through the different areas in the food industry, all based on your skills and desires.  As a website that specifies in exploring and getting into the food industry, there are numerous jobs posted covering a variety of job positions across many fields. This includes engineering positions, managerial positions, graduate jobs, technical jobs, food production and manufacturing and more. 

The benefits of is that you always have the chance to browse through thousands of jobs all related to the food industry, therefore you will never miss out on a standout job suited for you.

Why should you get into the food industry as a Graduate?

Being a Graduate can mean that you have experience in a certain field already, or it could mean that you are new to the food industry and looking for a way in and a potential career path.

The Food industry is a competitive one, and most people who become involved in this industry do so because of their passion for food and all that goes into making it. The food industry consists of a variety of positions, from being a Chef to being involved in the food production elements that go into Manufacturing and Producing food.

Agriculture ImageAs well as this, other areas of food production and the food industry includes: Education, Research and Development, Financial Services, Agriculture, Food Processing, Marketing, Wholesale and Distribution and Retailing. Quite simply the food industry relies on all areas from Agriculture which helps produce the food, to Marketing to promote the food, Retailing to sell the food and Education to understand exactly how this industry operates.

As a Graduate one of the main things you need is a strong passion for food. Research shows that one of the key factors that employers look for when hiring in any area related to the food industry is a passion and drive for all elements related to food production and manufacturing.  Alongside this the best way to get ahead in the food industry is through the power of knowledge and by keeping up to date on all the latest food news

It is highly important that you immerse yourself into the food industry by observing what goes on behind the scenes. This means taking every opportunity to experience the day to day work involved in food production and manufacturing. By observing how restaurants are run from a managerial position all the way to the kitchen staff and waiters, you will gradually increase your knowledge of the industry and how it works. One thing is for sure, if you’re up to date on all the latest news and trends in the food industry then you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

As well as this the media is an important factor when dealing with the food industry. Increased presence on social media allows you to keep up to date on the latest news, read the latest articles and follow all the relevant sites and people. It may even lead key people in the food industry finding you!

With strong experience and the drive to find a job in the food industry, a graduate job may be the best option to succeed. Jobs such as a Graduate Buyer or an Ingredients Buyer allow you to gain the experience and have a chance of progressing into a career through these specially designed jobs.

As well as this offers Graduate work schemes that will allow you to really progress and get involved in the food industry, with the potential of working with other graduates etc.  Schemes such as a commercial graduate scheme found on, emphasises how there is a need for all types of roles within the food industry, and how skills such as confidence, numerate skills, and PC skills can be paired with a passion for food to succeed in the food industry. 

Or if you wish to cover all areas of food manufacturing and the production process, a graduate scheme such as a Food technology graduate scheme is a perfect opportunity to grab with both hands. 

The food industry is a dynamic one, and can help you know your options and choose which is best for you, all available in one place on one site!

How can help you!

At there are many opportunities available to explore the various jobs and career paths available in all areas related to the food industry. advertises job opportunities from around the country, so you never miss out on what’s available.

There is also the opportunity to receive jobs by email. Our website allows you to sign up to our email service and receive up to five alerts about the latest jobs available to you from the food industry. By creating an account, your search for a job is simplified and couldn’t be easier to manage. also offer the chance to search for recruiters. This key feature lets you to see the companies that exist within the food industry, where they are based and allows you to browse the company’s website. Searching recruiters can help you get an insight into who exists in the food industry, what they do and how you can get experience with all parts of the their company as well as the food industry as a whole.