Graduate Food Jobs in South East England

Published on: 30 Jul 2014

I’ve just graduated, now what!?

GraduateSo you are fresh out of university, you’ve graduated and achieved the qualifications you need to take you to the next level. You are finally ready to get into the big world of full time work and prosper in a career of financial security and limitless possibilities.

You’ve got the education, now you need the experience, so what’s the next step? Where do you begin to look for a job straight out of graduation? If you haven’t already got a job lined up in the food industry for when you leave you needn’t worry, there is something for everybody on our site at, no matter what are of the food industry you are looking to enter, we have it, and if we don’t, we will soon!

Types of jobs in the food industry

Dependant on your qualifications and what you have achieved in them, your scope of jobs will vary drastically. The food industry is so huge that there are literally thousands of jobs going at any one time, as well as thousands of various positions and roles amongst companies. There are hundreds of small establishments and many huge food enterprises looking to hire graduates fresh out of university.

So what type of jobs can you apply for, and more importantly, where can you find them on our website?

At Your Food Job, we list many of the hundreds of different positions available in the food industry and then some. Many of these can be split into various categories, here are some of the main categories and titles involved in the food industry – these can all be found on our website by using the search facilities provided.


  • Buying/Purchasing
  • Chefs
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Research & Development
  • Hygiene
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Food Science
  • Technical


  • Pastry Chef – Exactly what it sounds like!

  • Head Chef – Lead the team, be the boss!

  • Food Auditor

  • Technical Manager

  • Account Manager

  • Etc.

Food qualifications vs. No food qualifications

You’re a graduate, but that doesn’t mean you graduated in food related courses, maybe you’re an engineer, scientist, technical student or computer genius. No matter what you have a qualification in, you can find a job in the food industry. Take our food engineering category for example, on our website, you can currently find more than 50 different open positions in the United Kingdom for engineering graduates, and they are all a part of the food industry.

These may involve tasks such as maintenance or automation. Similar categories include finance – If you have graduated in finance, accounting or something similar, you are still worth your weight in gold in the food market. Even McDonalds needs finance advice!

The point is, that no matter what it is you studied and have achieved your qualification in, you can find an open position for it in the food industry. If you ever doubt this, remember how large the food industry is and how reliant they are upon many different sectors of industry to keep afloat, from finance to engineering to the chefs that make the food.

Search facilities specifically for graduates!

When you are looking for open positions in the food job market it can be very overwhelming – This is particularly true when you have just graduated, and need to specify certain jobs that are looking for graduates.

This is where other job sites just don’t cut it, not only are you limited on your searches, but you aren’t able to cut down your results to those companies and positions looking for recent graduates. At Your Food Job, you can do exactly that, and that is what makes us the first choice for finding careers in the food industry.

To find all the graduate positions open in the United Kingdom, or more specifically in your direct area, you can go onto our website and select the “Graduate” category, which will immediately return a list of open applications. From here, you will be able to further refine your search to the south east of England, or to another location in the UK, or abroad.

You can also limit the results to salary, type of contract and many other search functions.

Money, money, money

Apart from the partying and social benefits of University, it can be a very painful experience, living off peanuts, student loans and studying every night can really take it out of you, so when you graduate you really want to make the most of it and secure a great job.

But let’s be honest, what matters the most here is the salary and finding a job you will be happy to work in and develop a career from. So what sort of salary can you expect from one of the world’s largest markets?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a straight answer to that one. Dependant on your qualifications your salary could range anywhere from £20,000 right up to and above £250,000 per year. It could land you top health and job benefits as well as a company car from various price brackets.

The sky really is the limit and dependant on your area of graduation the salary can fluctuate on a massive scale.

Location, Location, Location

South East EnglandOkay, so you have money checked off the list, what else is important? Location! No one wants to be travelling hours to work and back each day, it’s tiring, expensive and just downright tedious. We understand this and so using our advanced search feature you can limit your job searches to the south east of England or any other part of the UK you wish to locate a job in.

Although we do have positions available overseas and more being added all the time, most of our careers are present in the United Kingdom, of which more are added on a daily basis.

The South East of England is particularly abundant with job offers, being one of the central hubs to food manufacturing of the UK, and being home to some of the largest food companies in the world.