Fresh Produce / Agricultural Organisations

Published on: 6 Jul 2015

The Fresh Produce Consortium, the English Farming and Food Partnership and DEFRA all play a role in improving the food industry. The fresh produce consortium provides advice and support to businesses that subscribe, on all aspects of the food industry. The English Farming and Food Partnership unites businesses in order to create and maintain a sustainable food chain. DEFRA is responsible for policies and regulations on various topics within the food industry.

Fresh Produce Consortium is the UK’s fresh produce trade association.

  • Supplies its 700 members with a forum where they can meet and share problems and opportunities within the food produce industry.
  • Members include UK importers, growers, packers, wholesalers and retailers.
  • Provide year round advice and support on all aspects of the fresh produce industry in order to help reinforce the growth of businesses who have a membership with them.

The subscription fee to become a member is dependent on the companies’ fresh produce consortium logoannual turnover, with the fee ranging from £260 to £7885 each year. They host events throughout the year including the FPC fresh awards during which they present both companies and individual people with things like manager of the year and wholesale supplier of the year.

English Farming and Food Partnership specialises in sourcing agricultural raw materials in order to create a sustainable food chain.

  • Over 50 years of collective experience working in partnership with their clients across Europe
  • Clients include Bakkavor, Heinz and Tesco
  • Aim to propose and implement raw strategies that continue right through to the farm.effp logo

A large proportion of their work involves bringing businesses together to unite activity and oversee integrated solutions due to businesses having different goals and cultures. Not only do the English farming and food partnership work for private individual businesses but they also have a crucial track record in the public sector, consisting of effective plans for the central government, regional bodies and local authorities. They work both internally across business functions and externally with suppliers and customers affiliating people and activities towards a well-established goal.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) are the UK government department responsible for the guidelines on environmental, food and rural concerns.

  • Around 10,000 staff that are mainly based in Alnwick, York, Bristol and London.
  • 4 main priorities: leading the world in food and farming, protecting the UK from floods and animal and plant diseases, defra logoenhancing the environment and improving rural services.

They are liable for policies and regulations on a variety of categories including: the natural environment, biodiversity, plants and animals, sustainable development and the green economy, food, farming and fisheries, animal health and welfare, environmental protection and pollution control and finally rural communities and issues. Even though DEFRA works directly in England, it also works closely within the lower down administrations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and usually leads negotiations both in the EU and internationally. is the UK market leading job board specialising in the food & beverage industry. We work with the majority of the leading food manufacturers to provide our candidates with the latest food jobs. Many of our Fresh Produce & Agricultural clients will work with associations such as DEFRA, English Farming & Food Partnership and The Fresh Produce Consortium to ensure that their produce is in line with certain policies.

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