Published on: 1 Dec 2015

Working in food processing jobs can actually mean a broad cross-section of roles, each requiring different types of candidates and skill sets. Food processing involves working closely with food, including frozen, canned, baked and dried foods—often in factories that mass-produce consumer favourites. Tasks can involve checking supplies of raw materials, keeping machines clean and checking instrument gauges. It is for these reasons that FoodEx was started—the importance of processing in the food industry is now so great that there is the need for a show with this specifically in mind.

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FoodEx 2016 claims to be the “premier trade event” for everyone working in food processing, packaging and logistics within the industry. It's a chance for aspiring stars of food to meet the experts and learn about trends that are affecting their businesses—the increasing need to be able trace the origins of ingredients in order to improve consumer trust, for instance. Scandals such as the horsemeat issue of recent years means that food producers are under scrutiny now more than ever. The post-war heyday for functional but questionable food is well and truly over. Consumers want to feel secure in knowing exactly what they're eating.


FoodEx takes place across three days, from Monday 18th-20th April at the NEC in Birmingham. The event is split into eight broad categories: bakery, dairy, fresh, beverage, ingredients, logistics, meat and seafood. Each requires a different approach, so different experts are needed to explain the trends appearing within each one. FoodEx is also a fantastic chance for producers to exhibit their own, new, innovations. This might take the form of new and exciting products, or perhaps new workflows and ways of working that could revolutionise the industry. Since so many buyers attend the exhibition, there's a decent chance that they might be convinced to stock the product in their stores—often nationwide, since buyers nowadays have huge tastemaking influence.

Equipment buyers, supply chain professionals and transport managers are all warmly encouraged to attend, since it is through their efforts that the food industry will reduce its carbon footprint and its 'food miles' (the number of miles food has to travel to reach your plate). Preserving the environment and using sustainable manufacturing methods are the hot-button issues of today, and something trade experts are keen to elucidate the industry on at FoodEx.

The drinks industry is part of the largest manufacturing sector in the UK, with over 8000 companies employing a whopping 400,000 people. This means the beverage section at FoodEx is one of the biggest at the event, and receives a good deal of attention from visitors. According to the government, 10,000 new products are created in this sector every single year—meaning there is always room for growth and innovation. Usually to be considered for jobs like development technologist in drink manufacturing, you will need a degree in food science or equivalent. The University of Nottingham, for example, runs a BSc in Food Science that actually includes a 'year in industry' where students have the chance to work with product creators first hand.

FoodEx has become such a lucrative exhibition to attend that exhibitor stand sales are up 67% on previous years, and food manufacturers agree that showing off their new products at FoodEx means an observable bump in profits and consumer awareness. It's not just a chance to sell—it's a chance to make your voice heard as a producer in the wider industry, to put forward your ideas to people who could actually bring them to fruition. Imagination is literally the limit, and obstacles can melt away with the right backing and influence.

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