Food science jobs in east of England

Published on: 29 Apr 2014

Food Science JobsFood science jobs might sound like something Heston Blumenthal likes to play around with in his restaurants, but actually food science jobs are one of the more popular job searches for food jobs in east of England. The east of England is made up of a number of counties; generally jobs in counties like Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk advertise themselves as being in this region. Each of the counties in this region are steeped in history and beautiful architecture which often sees crowds of tourists and national visitors pouring in to explore these areas of beauty. For this reason, there are loads of jobs in the food industry, many of these food science related.

Food science jobs in east of England include things like:

  • Product Technician

  • Quality Manager

  • Concept Technologist

  • Department Trainer

The East of England

The east of England is one of the nine regions of England which were created in 1994. Many of the counties within the region have loads of farming and food production companies which is one reason why there are so many food science jobs available here. Cambridge was home to one of the first settlements in the UK and is central to the region. It is the epicentre for many food manufacturing companies, so it is one of the most popular searches for food science jobs in east of England.

Essex is the largest county in the region, some of this county falls into the Greater London area which means it is a great place for commuting to and from, making it a popular search area for the region. The east of England makes up around 10% of England and Wales’ population, with 2011 census figures showing over 5.8 million people living in this region.

Great YarmouthThe counties of Norfolk and Suffolk are large agricultural areas, which is another reason much of the region is involved in the production and manufacturing of food and so in turn, has many food science jobs to offer. Some of the largest names in Britain have a headquarters or factory in this region, including Princes, Britvic, McCain foods and Birds Eye.

Your Food Job can find your ideal job! is an ever-expanding food industry job search site, one of the fastest growing in the UK. The website was first set up in 2006 and gone from strength to strength ever since. It makes searching for a job as easy as possible for the job searcher, offering intuitive tools and advice for those struggling to land a new position.

Every week new jobs are added for the food and catering industry bringing in over 60,000 job seekers every month. Because of the large brands that operate from the east of England and the excellent transport links between cities and towns, many of these live positions are for food science roles.

Registration to the website, allows you instant access to more than 1,000 positions live on the site, allowing you to create role specific searches in particular areas for a more targeted search. You can set up your own profile to help get yourself noticed by recruiters, set up alerts for new positions and access the career advice section. Best of all, is completely free to use!

Getting Job Alerts

One of the most frustrating things about searching for a job is all the waiting around. You can search for 3-4 days for positions and then get frustrated and try a few other sites and before you know it, the perfect job has already had a hundred applications. To make sure you can get your application in straight away, allows you to get notification when a suitable job is posted. This means no more trawling endlessly through positions day after day, you can simply wait for a notification to appear in your inbox when a suitable job goes live. 

The best way to get relevant and suitable position is to input keywords and phrases into your job alert. Phrases like ‘science jobs’, ‘food science jobs’ or a more specific role like ‘quality technician’ and then a suitable location like ‘Essex’ can be inputted so that you get notifications for all similar roles in a suitable radius to the location you want to work in.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one set of specifications. At you can set up to four different roles, keywords or phrases and set each one in a different location in order to maximise the success of your job search.

Making a profile

Creating yourself a job search profile is essential for a successful job search. Although job alerts are great for keeping yourself up to date with new positions, without a profile you won’t get noticed by recruiters who are looking for someone with particular skills and expertise. Many agencies and recruiter prefer to ‘head hunt’ to avoid having hundreds of applications from unsuitable candidates.

Just like the job alerts tool, it is advisable for you to list things like key experiences and skills which are related to the industry you want to get into. For food science positions in east of England you might put skills like ‘quality control’, ‘concept creation’ and then a short personal summary. This allows your profile to then act as an online C.V.

Careers section

Finding a suitable position is the easy part of the job search. Although it is time consuming, as long as you follow the instructions for your job search, you really can’t go wrong. But how can you make sure you get an interview once you have found a position to apply for? How should you tweak your CV for a particular business? understands that these things are often overlooked by those looking for employment, maybe because they don’t know how to tailor a C.V. or to prepare for an interview. The dedicated Career Advice section can guide you through some of the most common questions from job seekers and help you get the ideal position.

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