Food Sales jobs in Europe

Published on: 11 Sep 2015

Europe has been at the forefront of culinary excellence for hundreds of years, almost every country being able to boast a unique and delicious range of dishes. Nowadays so much of the food we eat is carefully marketed and aimed at specific demographics and groups of people. A diverse and wide customer base is vital for any industry, and food is no different—meaning talented salespeople are always in high demand. has an exhaustive list of jobs available, including food sales jobs in Europe. The hard work of trying to find specific jobs in the industry is done for you, enabling you to focus your search and find the job you really want. This is especially important when looking for a job in a marketplace as broad and varied as Europe. And what better place to work than a continent that offers such a rich history and beautiful locations. Travel could be a large part of any sales job, so it's vital you don't mind flying!

Working in sales is a demanding but very rewarding career path in most industries. It is a job that often relies little on what qualifications you have, but rather how well you can develop relationships with customers and what kind of product you're selling. Most food sales jobs are 'B2B' or business-to-business, and can be part of a chain of transactions that leads to the finished product. This means that food companies in particular prefer long-term dealings, since a change in supplier can mean a change in ingredients—which in turn affects their product. Food sales jobs in Europe mean a proficiency in languages is always useful, as well as at least some cultural insight and flexibility.

The landscape for the food industry and marketing is not without obstacles. One of the hot-button issues currently centres around the marketing of foodstuffs that are considered unhealthy, and working in sales you need to move with the times and stay one step ahead. We are seeing more and more fractious exchanges between the industry and government in several countries. This means that food sales jobs in Europe are generally more open to those who can display creativity and innovation while maintaining existing relationships. It might seem like a paradox to those without the skills.

There are several types of job in this sector, each requiring different sets of skills. For instance, technical consultants are in high demand. It is their job to provide salespeople with the most up to date information and insight when needed. Sometimes that can be as simple as confirming stock levels for sale, or being able to reel off the exact details of a product. If you are interested in food sales, it is very useful to spend some time researching exactly what kind of job you'd like to pursue. The variety can be overwhelming, and since it is not a subject regularly studied at university, gaining an understanding of the industry before approaching employers is vital. is capable of finding the right job for you, in the right area, with adjustable search parameters that can be indispensable when on the job hunt. The truth is that jobs in the food industry can be right under your nose without you realising it, since many employers actually prefer to use jobs listings sites like this one in order to find the right candidate. Our customisable search engine will only show you the positions that you want to see, and if you sign up for our jobs by email service you need only set your requirements once. After that, we will inform you whenever a job comes up that we're sure you'll be interested in. You can even set the frequency of emails you receive (although we recommend a daily alert to keep you ahead of your competitors).

Sales jobs in the food industry require a kind of entrepreneurship not commonly found in run-of-the-mill graduates, but if you can show the kind of desire and drive employers are looking for, you can be confident of finding the job for you. The key, like in any industry, is to build a network of contacts and colleagues for yourself. The larger your network, the better chance you have of hearing about new opportunities, new jobs and new possibilities. If you like talking to people, and if you know the right things to say, then perhaps you've found the career for you.