Food Quality Assurance jobs in South East England

Published on: 1 Dec 2014

Quality Assurance ImageAll food companies need to ensure that their products are in optimum condition and free from any faults at all. A failure to ensure this can lead to them losing customers gradually over time and even in worst case scenarios finding themselves gaining publicity for all the wrong reasons. This is why food companies always have a quality assurance division that is responsible for maintaining a high standard of quality and preventing defects from spoiling products. are able to help you find food quality assurance jobs in South East England and across the country if you are interested in pursuing a career in this area. Quality assurance is a broad area requiring professionals possessing a diverse array of skills and qualifications, so if it is something that interests you there is every chance that you possess the skills and experience required to succeed in the area. can help you in a number of ways including

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food qa jobs in south east england

What is quality assurance?

Quality assurance is actually a rather broad area, but at its heart it is a line of work that is responsible for maintaining a consistently high level of quality in food products. This means that any potential problems and defects are swiftly dealt with and provisions are made to ensure all products that are created are free from these defects.

While the ultimate aim of quality assurance is that the end product matches the desired level of quality, this is a process that starts right at the very beginning. This means that all of the raw materials that are going to comprise a food product must be of an optimum quality, and this quality assurance process goes right through the chain from turning these raw materials into a product to the packaging process.

Why is quality assurance so important?

Companies across all industries must have some kind of quality assurance system in place as they do not want to disappoint their customers and gain a reputation for providing faulty or defective products.

Health reasons

While this is important for all companies, it is especially important for food companies as their products are edible. This means that the personal health of customers is involved in the process which makes it fundamental. Failing to ensure that only healthy and wholesome ingredients are involved when creating a food product is not only extremely irresponsible but is also a disaster for a company as they will soon find themselves out of business.


Companies that consistently provide faulty products will soon build up an unwanted reputation and leave their loyal customers disappointed time and time again. Not investing the time and resources in quality assurance may trim down operating costs in the short term, but the impact it will have on your company in the long run will be overwhelmingly negative.

Abiding by the law

Because of the potentially harmful effects of poorly maintained food products, there are laws in place that are designed specifically to ensure that companies are not putting out potentially unhealthy products. Failing to abide by these laws can leave your company suffering harsh penalties and legal action.

Working in South East England

Many of the country’s most prominent and established food companies perform a lot of their operations in South East England, meaning that there are many great opportunities for a professional to pursue a career in the food industry. The wealth of job opportunities to be found in the region ensures that new jobs are always popping up – on you can regularly search for jobs in the region or even receive job alerts by email when a suitable job pops up.

South East England is not only ideal for its professional opportunities but it is also a desirable and pleasant place to live. With one of the highest standards of living in the country, many professionals would jump at the chance to find a job somewhere in the region. As well as its mix of large urban centres such as Canterbury and Brighton, the immensely beautiful region is also home to many great towns with charm and character. With its unique blend of cultural and entertainment attractions alongside its exciting outdoor opportunities, South East England has something to offer for all kinds of people.


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