Food Marketing Jobs in United Kingdom

Published on: 3 Jun 2014

Food Marketing JobsMarketing is an industry which has been rapidly expanding over recent years, with the digital industries taking marketing to completely new levels. Pretty much every industry is now following the digital marketing path while still maintaining their usual marketing strategy, the food industry is no exception. For this reason this reason there are loads of Food Marketing Jobs in United Kingdom. features many of these as live positions on their website.

The types of positions you are likely to find are:

  • Category Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Graduate Managers

  • Customer Marketing Analyst

The United Kingdom

For such a small country the UK has a large population of around 63.5 million people. The UK has always been one of the front runners for the world economy which has caused the nation to become a thriving hub of culture, business and history.

 It is this complete contrast of ideas and the rich history which causes each country to have a very different set of industries, a combination of cultures which makes the UK one of the most diverse places for marketing jobs in the food industry.

Football StadiumThe UK is also home to a huge amount of sporting venues from football clubs to motorsport arenas, there is a huge amount of scope for advertising and marketing. The food industry often sponsors sports teams and billions of pounds will be spent on marketing, especially at large and televised events.

The cuisine in the UK has influences from across the world, from exotic cuisine like Japanese and Indian foods through to classic recipe influences from France and Italy. Many of these foods are commercialised and made into ready meals and packaged sauces, all of which are advertised and marketed to the general consumer.

Find the ideal job for your skills was originally set up in 2006 and has been growing rapidly ever since. It is now one of the most influential food industry search websites for jobs and has a wealth of experience in the industry. It now receives more than 60,000 visitors month in month out, many of whom are looking for marketing jobs in the food industry all over the UK.

Many companies in the food industry have headquarters in the UK which means their UK marketing will usually be run from the offices in this country. Some of the largest companies in the world advertise food marketing jobs in United Kingdom, Schwartz, Moy Park, Arla and Greencore are amongst some of the large food industry players that advertise marketing jobs on has an understanding of how tricky it can be to find the ideal position and so they provide a selection of simple but effective tools to help the job seeker on their way. Things like the Job Alerts tool gives you notifications when new jobs are advertised and the Career Advice section can assist you in interview techniques and advice and guidance on your C.V, plus much more.

The best thing about is that getting yourself set up online is quick and easy to do, plus registration is 100% free. Once you have finished your registration you can search through around 1,000 live positions, many for marketing food jobs in United Kingdom.

Job Alerts Tool

It is essential when you are searching for jobs that you don’t just rely on your searches to find positions. Sometimes the search terms you are using will not bring up all of the positions that are suitable. This is why supplies a Job Alerts tool to keep you notified of any jobs which match the skills you have selected.

For marketing food jobs in United Kingdom you can set up an alert that searches for all food marketing jobs in a specific area of the country. While you could search for all food marketing jobs in the UK, it is often better to specify a location. To do this you would simply input key terms like ‘marketing’ or ‘digital marketing’, or select a job role like ‘Marketing Executive’ and then specify your location, for example ‘Manchester’.

Once you have set this up you will receive a notification into your inbox each time a new position which fits your search goes live in the area you are searching.

As you should always make your search as broad as possible, with the Job Alerts tool on you can set up to 4 alerts for different keywords and/or locations so you don’t, miss out on potential marketing positions in the food industry.

Creating a Profile

If you set up job alerts you will only find the position that have gone live. Some of these often get hundreds of applications from across the country, so you can end up being lost in a sea of other applicants. Some recruiters and agencies decide not to advertise their positions in this manner, but instead they search through databases to find suitable candidates.

If you set up your online profile with you are effectively setting up a mini-C.V which recruiters can look through. Listing skills like ‘Food Marketing’ and the area you want to work in along with some key skills allows a recruiter to establish whether you are a good candidate before they get in touch.

Career Advice

Sometimes being visible to recruiters and job alerts are not enough. If you are going for a position you know is going to be tough competition then you should always look at tailoring your C.V. to the position.

It can often also be helpful to brush up on new interview techniques and expectations, all of which can be accessed from the Careers Advice section.

Graduate Positions also advertises a lot of graduate positions. Graduates often struggle to find suitable employment once they finish their studies, mainly through a lack of experience. A graduate job is an entry level position which allows recruiters to give you relevant experience while making use of the skills you already possess. These positions can either lead to full time positions later on or make you more attractive to future employers. For details of any positions or to register and search through live positions visit