Food jobs in Scunthorpe

Published on: 5 Jan 2016

Working in Scunthorpe isn't a career dead-end any longer—it is a place that could potentially grow into a domestic food hub. Everyone from school-leavers to graduates to veterans of the food industry can find suitable jobs and careers in Scunthorpe. Since more and more companies are thinking of moving into the area, Scunthorpe hints at great promise. So why not start your journey and click here for food jobs in Scunthorpe.

Farming ImageScunthorpe is known colloquially as the “Industrial Garden Town”, located near the northern limits of Lincolnshire. It has long been home to a large portion of the UK's heavy industry, particularly steel-making. In fact, Tata Steel is still the largest employer in the town despite rounds of downsizing. Scunthorpe's reliance on the steel industry is so pronounced that it can technically be classified as a 'monogorod', a town that is dominated by a single industry. However, the rise of food enterprises like 2 Sisters and Key Country Foods means a brighter future for the region.

Key Country Foods have two bacon processing factories in Scunthorpe, employing over 700 people and making it one of the biggest non-steel employers in the town. Not to be outdone are 2 Sisters, whose poultry processing plant in Scunthorpe has been growing for around thirty years. They are proud to boast that the factory processes almost 2 million chickens per week, making it one of the biggest poultry producing locations in the world.

Food TechAn example of a current position in Scunthorpe is that of process development technologist. Duties typically involve introducing new technologies or products to the factory involved—because of the multi-layered nature of modern food processing, this position carries a great deal of responsibility. You will also be in charge of reviewing existing practices and equipment, determining what to alter when the time comes to transition to new technologies or processes.

Scunthorpe may have been an uninspiring place to start a career in the past, but as the region realises its identity as a food making hub more and more talent is gravitating to the Industrial Garden Town. The problem has centred around the demise of most heavy industry in the area, and as recently as 2001 almost 20% of working age people were listed as 'inactive'. Larger employers are starting to recognise that the experience of working in industry, food or otherwise, can be valuable despite the low skill level of the locals.

The county of Lincolnshire has plenty to offer those who are thinking of pursuing food jobs in Scunthorpe. Seaside town Skegness is to be found here, even today still one of the most popular domestic tourism sites in the UK. It is also regularly listed at the best retirement town in the country, scoring highly for activities, house prices and low crime rates. Skegness also possesses a famous pier that is an impressive 562 metres long!

It is fitting that Scunthorpe should grow into a food making town, considering the wider history of food in the county. There is the obvious example of the Lincolnshire sausage, made with pork and sage—but to a hundred different recipes! There are competitions held to determine the local favourite, where butchers from all over the county test new recipes as well as old favourites. Another local delicacy is mutton stuffed with oysters—sounds unusual but it has legions of die-hard fans. holds a continuously updated list of available food jobs in Scunthorpe (and the rest of Lincolnshire), working in all sorts of different sectors of the industry. If you sign up for our jobs by email service you need only set your requirements once. After that, we will inform you whenever a job comes up that we're sure you'll be interested in. You can even set the frequency of emails you receive (although we recommend a daily alert to keep you ahead of your competitors). Scunthorpe is growing into a town of opportunity, and we can help you find the right job for you.