Food jobs in Deeside

Published on: 17 Feb 2015

DeesideWhen searching for a job in general it can seem that all the best jobs are found in major cities around the country.

A job in the food industry can enable you to secure a fulfilling and rewarding career path, but finding these jobs can be a hassle. offers a food job board that offers many food industry jobs across a variety of locations.  For example offers food jobs in Deeside, an area where there is great chance for employment within the towns and villages that consist of a variety of areas.

What does the food industry have to offer?

The Food Industry is one that holds many opportunities around the country and the world.

It is a vast industry that consists of many different companies and positions that all work together to create a final product etc. offers jobs from production and manufacturing, to Sales and IT and Administration; all positions that rely on each other to help the food industry work efficiently.

However you don’t need to live in London to benefit from the food industry world. offers a wide range of locations offering jobs within the food industry, including places like Deeside which offers the chance to gain employment in a large industrial park surrounded by towns and villages that create a large area for employment. 

Deeside offers food jobs ranging from engineers to warehouse workers, that gives a wide range of opportunities all offered to people who have specific skills and achievements. offers jobs such as Production Operatives which involves being a part of the production process following the instructions of your production leader.  These tasks include operation of equipment, mixing, packaging etc. and you will work to ensure the highest standard of production takes place in creating the final product.

This role requires someone who is a team player with great communications skills, and is someone who takes pride in what they do and cares about the outcome of the product. As well as a passion for production, experiences of dealing with equipment and the production process are vital skills when applying for this position.

Working as an Engineering Manager  requires someone who can lead a team in the production process that meets customer satisfaction and volume.  As an Engineering Manager you will oversee the engineering service through qualified Engineers and Skilled Production Colleagues. This role requires someone who has a Mechanical Engineering qualification as well as experience working in a customer position like this. Communication, planning and organising skills are vital when applying for this position and the perfect candidate will be someone who has pride and passion for their work and the ability to influence and inspire others in your team to feel the same way.

Jobs with Calbee What does Calbee have to offer?

Many of the food jobs in Deeside offered on are advertised through the Japanese company Calbee.  Calbee are Japan’s largest savoury snack manufacturer, who have a large manufacturing base in Deeside that offers large amounts of quality and care.  This relatively new company is aiming to get more people employed in the food industry, with business expected to take off later in 2015. As the company prepares for European expansion, Calbee hopes to introduce new products including a range of tasty pea- based products, Snapea, which are high fibre and protein snacks.

Calbee will create more than 100 jobs in North Wales over the next five years.

This news was announced in Japan on Friday October 31st following a meeting including Economy minister Edwina Hart and chairman of Calbee, Akira Matsumoto.  The Welsh government has backed the lucrative investment after the Minister met with Calbee executives in order to secure the trade with Japan.

The Minister said: “I am delighted to announce this important new inward investment for Wales. Calbee is the latest in a long line of highly prestigious Japanese companies that have invested in Wales and I welcome their decision to establish their first European plant in Wales.

Mr. Akira Matsumoto said: “We are very excited to establish our first European factory in Wales. This is a significant moment in establishing the Calbee brand in the UK and we are making a long term commitment to grow our business from this important base in Deeside.

This news will no doubt benefit people finding jobs in Deeside, with a wide variety of food jobs in Deeside now on offer. Deeside will manufacture savoury snacks for the UK and European markets, which will see over 100 jobs available in manufacturing and distribution etc.

With production set to start in early 2015, Calbee aims to achieve annual net sales of around £58m within 5 years of starting the business. – the services available offers a straight forward approach to finding a job in the food industry. The job board offers a wide range of jobs, from jobs that require years of experience and skills, to Graduate Jobs and Production Jobs that require a more hand on approach.   

As well as this offers a Jobs By Email service, whereby you can sign up to receive up to five email alerts with all your relevant jobs.  This efficient service allows someone searching for a food industry job to be kept up to date with all jobs available, and be aware of where and when to apply for the perfect position.

If a job within the food industry seems like the perfect choice to begin your career, knowing as much as you can about the food industry is vital. offers a Search Recruiter’s page that gives an insight into food industry companies that are hiring or offering opportunities that will benefit your research and experience. As well as this, knowing the industries that make up the food industry, and contacting them for the relevant information, means that you can apply for a position with more knowledge and interest in the food industry which are factors that employers look for.

If you decide that a job in the food industry is something that you wish to be a part of, is the perfect place to get all the information you need.  Not only are there the latest food jobs in Deeside to be considered, but offers a wide range of positions to take advantage of. 

It not only the big major cities that hold all the food industry opportunities!