Food hygiene jobs in UK

Published on: 1 Jul 2014

Hygiene in the food industry

Hygiene JobsHumans certainly aren’t the cleanliest of animals on the planet, but that’s something which is improving and something which is absolutely critical and enforced thoroughly amongst the food industry today.

With increasing standards and expectations from the markets and buyers, food hygiene has become a prime area of food production and is now considered a must when preparing produce for consumption.

This has seen the enormous and rapid growth of hygiene related positions and employment opportunities in and around the UK, with both small and large companies alike looking to improve the cleanliness of their facilities, food production and general environment.

Our most common positions available in the area of cleanliness amongst the food industry are hygiene managers, operatives, supervisors and leaders. In general, these consist of all the positions which make up the bulk of a hygienic team.

When you think of hygiene, you might think of poorly paid and dull work, but with the hygiene of the environment in which food is prepared becoming so thoroughly monitored by the community, salaries and benefits in this area have risen substantially.

Current positions available on our website come from a whole range of companies based in different areas of the UK, and salaries range anywhere from £20,000 per annum right up to and above £50,000 per annum, with higher responsibility position carrying more weight and larger salaries. Several of our current positions also offer other benefits including mileage, company cars and health benefits.

Hygiene in the UK – The competition

It might be easy to be put off by the competition, with decent salaries and a low pressure job it’s not uncommon to have a large amount of applicants applying for each job in the food hygiene area, some more qualified and experienced than others. But don’t let this stop you from searching and applying, there are so many jobs popping up on a daily basis that it’s almost impossible not to find something that will suit you perfectly, and with our easy and simple system, there has never been a better time to get searching!

UK MapNo matter where in the United Kingdom you reside, there are hygiene and cleanliness related jobs going, all with different salaries, job descriptions and benefits. We have jobs going in London, Lincoln, Somerset, East Midlands, West Midlands, in the south, the west, the east and the north. And if there isn’t, there probably will be tomorrow. is updated on a daily basis with new jobs compromising of all areas of the food industry and all areas of the UK, so be sure to keep checking back on our site if you don’t find something you like the look of right now, as something will pop up within a few days which may be perfect for you.

How can I find the best job offers for me?

With so many jobs hitting our site every day, it’s not hard to become overloaded with information and a little lost on where to get started compiling a list of jobs to apply for, that’s why we try and make searching for certain jobs as easy as possible on our website.

The search functions available to you will allow you to sort jobs, organised by job title, contract type, salary, location and the category of the job. With just a few clicks you can get rid of the offers you aren’t interested in and be left with a short list of open positions which suit your criteria.

If you choose, you may even remove recruitment agencies from the search and go with only the positions offered directly by employers, although this may limit the number of jobs open to you.

We find a large number of businesses will employ through a recruitment agency, as this helps them to weed out poor applications and shortlist a set of suitable applicants whom may take up the job offer.

Accessibility and getting to work

Accessibility is a key thing to think about when you consider each job, of course you want to apply for jobs that are close to you, or which can be accessed easily.

Luckily, with most of the job offers coming from multi-million international based companies, they tend to be set amongst major areas of the UK, with direct and simple access to trains, bus routes and congestion-controlled road systems.

Always keep in mind the location of employment and how easily you would be able to get to and fro from the place of work.

Keeping up to date with our alert system

If you aren’t careful, you might end up missing the perfect job opportunity, complete with the benefits and ease of access you’ve been looking for. With the fast paced toll of life nowadays it can be hard to keep up with what’s up for grabs and even harder to apply to each job before the position gets filled.

To make your job easier, and allow you to spot great jobs as soon as they become open, we have developed a simple alert system, which will send a direct alert to your inbox when something suited to your specifications pops up on our website. With the website updated daily this helps you to avoid missing crucial postings.

Getting set up

We don’t want to bore you with tonnes of paperwork, but having something to present to your potential employer is always a bonus, so we have made setting up a profile as simple as possible on our website, allowing you to identify your strengths, experience and other traits on to your profile so that recruiters and companies can get a first-hand impression of you before you even apply, which will set you head and shoulders above the rest of the competition and other applicants. It’s worth bearing in mind that although past experience is helpful, it is not vital, and a positive attitude and show of determination is much more appealing to such employers.

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