Food buying jobs in east of England

Published on: 1 Jul 2014

Food Buyer JobsThe purchase of food is a trait crucial to many areas of industry, although not what you may think about when it comes to catering, restaurants and other food based markets, food buying jobs play a vital role in sourcing the right products and organic produce for use in the facility in which they are employed.

These careers don’t just entail the purchase of food for restaurants but also include the purchase of packaging and other items related to the food and farming industries.

Food purchasing jobs largely involve working within the ranks of fairly large businesses, often with extensive chains of stores and outlets, all needing fresh ingredients and produce delivered to their doorstep on time and at affordable rates, this is where you will come in, although based in the UK and the east of England, you could be dealing with the supply and food buying intent of hundreds of stores in the country and abroad.

This may seem like a high pressure environment to work in, but this challenging job will push you further up the food chain, and so often comes with a very nice salary package. Many of our current clients whom have gone into food purchasing jobs have done so based on salaries extending from £35,000 right on up to £50,000, with higher responsibility jobs pushing on towards £100k per annum.

These aren’t the only benefits you can expect though, although not available with all the job openings seen on our website, some companies also offer company cars and pension funds to support you throughout your stay.

In rare cases, some of our previous job applicants have secured relocation to other areas, all at the courtesy of the employer.

How competitive is the market in the east of England?

East of EnglandIf you are worried about a possible overdose of competitive and more qualified applicants in the east of England, you need not worry. East England is the central hub for the food industry in the UK and represents the headquarters of some of the largest food companies in the industry. We are talking about worldwide set ups, running up hundreds of millions in profit each year.

This isn’t hard to understand once you become aware that the East of England has long been dominating the farming and food produce market in the United Kingdom.

With such a large market there is certainly more interest from other trained applicants, but with so many jobs in the area, there is sure to be something suited to your specific needs and qualities.

We find that with many of the job offers posted on our website, these international companies are not always looking for someone with extensive experience, but are often more than contempt with someone who can prove they are determined to learn and push themselves to the best of their ability. Of course, previous experience or a background in retail purchasing is favoured over those without it, but it’s certainly not something essential to securing a job in this niche.

Finding the ideal job for you

Finding something suitable for you is easier than ever, and with more jobs being added daily, there has never been a better time to use and our facilities to locate employers hungry to employ you.

We aim to make your search and application process as smooth as possible, for the benefit of both you and the employer. We have a large selection of companies operating from all over the UK, and particularly in the east of England, all looking for possible employees in the food buying market.

All you need to do is use our simple search functions to sort through and find the best ones available for you and what you are looking for.

Our search facilities allow you to search for specific job titles, organising them by category, location, salary band, the type of contract and even the time of recruitment process involved.

Whilst some companies operate directly through our website, others choose to go through recruitment agencies, so they can weed out the bad applicants from the good.

Location, location, location

Not only is the east of England a stronghold amongst the food purchasing industry, but it is also a major transportation and social hub, with easy access to all parts of the region within minutes.

Regular trains, bus routes and direct roads allow you to easily get to and back from your job. Allowing you to enjoy your company car even more (hopefully!)

Transport is always something you should take into account when you consider applying for a job, so bare this in mind when you are looking at the many jobs available on our website.

Making sure you don’t miss the opportunity!

It’s no secret that jobs can be gone within days of being listed, and for some of us, this makes it hard to keep up and apply to positions as and when they come up. It’s also no secret that the best offers get many; sometimes even hundreds of applicants within the matter of a few days, so getting your name in early is always a bonus.

To make sure you can follow potential openings and be one of the first to get your foot in the door, our website offers quick and simple job alerts, which will shoot you an email as soon as something new and hot pops up on our website, so that you can get on it straight away.

But before you do this, do yourself a massive favour and create a profile on our website, without it, you greatly limit your chances of securing a job. By taking the time to carefully fill out your profile and make it presentable and informative based on your previous experience you give potential employers a great indication of exactly what it is that you can bring to their business.

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