Finnebrogue to Open New Factory

Family-owned business

The family firm already make some vegan and vegetarian products, which they first launched in 2016. However, they have decided to launch a dedicated factory as they go into what they are terming a “significant upscaling” of their meat-free range and production. Early estimates are that the facility will generate around £30 million in sales when at full capacity, and will create 90 new food jobs at the firm – which we will announce here when they are available to applicants.

Veggie BurgerTheir current range consists of three burgers, two of which are vegan. These are the Beet & Quinoa and Spicy Bean options. Their third burger, the vegetarian choice, is Halloumi & Tomato.

“Finnebrogue has always prided itself on providing consumers delicious, innovative products and, given the increasing demand for vegan and vegetarian alternatives, this new factory was the obvious next step in our extraordinary growth,” said Finnebrogue’s Managing Director, Brian McMonagle. “Alongside the opening of our new factory, our new product development team is doing extensive work to make some of the tastiest meat-free products on the market.”

Shifting markets

More than a third of meat eaters, at 34%, reduced their meat consumption through the course of 2018. On top of this, 21% suggested that they would be interested in either reducing or limiting the amount of meat they ate in the future, according to a survey conducted by Mintel.

Their research also revealed that the UK is now the leading country in the world for new launches of vegan products, having overtaken Germany in the market. One in six food products launched in the UK during 2018 had either a vegan or no animal ingredients claim on the labelling, which is a significant increase from just 8% of new product launches in 2015.

This means that more and more people are looking to try a vegan or vegetarian diet. Even those who stay carnivorous are increasingly looking to take one or two days off during the week.

Healthier meat options

VegAlongside their vegan and vegetarian products, Finnebrogue are still very much a meat production company. They saw a major launch last year of what they claim are the first mass-produced nitrate-free ham and bacon products on the UK marketplace. They worked together with a Spanish firm, Prosur, to create Naked Bacon and Naked Ham. They are flavoured with natural Mediterranean fruit and spice extracts rather than nitrates – something they claim has never before been achieved.

They are also responsible for other brands such as Naked Sausages and The Good Little Company sausage range. These provide a gluten-free option, ensuring that the parent company is covering all kinds of dietary requirements. Thanks to this strategy, the business has seen turnover rise from what was just £5 million in 2009 to almost £90 million for the 2018/19 financial year. This impressive boost has clearly been due to good market placement and strategic brand expansion over time.

SignupThere has been no word as yet about when the new factory will be expected to open, or at what stage they will launch their food recruitment process for the new positions. Make sure that you sign up to our job alerts here if you want to be made aware when the positions are open for applications.

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