Filipino Cuisine Set to be Food Trend

Published on: 14 Jul 2017

ManilaAnthony Bourdain has claimed that Filipino cuisine will be the next big food trend.

The TV chef thinks that Western palates will now be ready for the food, which is an extension of recent food trends for different tastes.

Next big thing

Although we are often able to get access to just about any cuisine through the click of a button, takeaway services and local restaurants do tend to focus on particular cuisines.

You could easily grab a Chinese, Indian, or Italian takeaway this weekend, but how often do you go for Filipino food?

According to Anthony Bourdain, it will be the next big food trend. It’s currently underrated, but he thinks it will soon be in the ascendant thanks to the way tastes have changed in the West in recent years.

“I think certain Filipino dishes are more likely to take root and take hold more quickly than others,” he said recently. “I think sisig is perfectly positioned to win the hearts and minds of the world as a whole. [It’s] casual, accessible, [and] exactly what you need after a few beers. I think it's the most likely to convince people abroad who have had no exposure to Filipino food to maybe look further and investigate further beyond sisig. I think that’s the one that’s gonna hook them.”

Sisig is a dish which uses parts of the pig we don’t normally consume in the West. It contains the snout, jowl, ear, and tongue.

SisigBourdain points out that Filipinos have moved to the US in large numbers, with many also settling in the UK. They assimilated into American culture easily, and this may now mean that the West is ready to assimilate a little bit of their culture in return. Food development chefs may soon be looking at this land for inspiration.

Sour and bitter notes

“I think Filipinos in America maybe underrated their own food. They used to be mocked for balut,” Bourdain went on. Balut is the hard-boiled duck embryo served in its shell, which many Westerners see as sickening.

He says, “A lot of traditional Filipino food has sour and bitter notes, which are very unfamiliar to American palates of a few years ago. American palates have changed drastically. I think there’s a really bright future.”

Food trends in the UK are not far behind. Bourdain points to the rising popularity of Korean food, which has exploded over the last 10 years. The same is true here, and it’s now no longer unusual to find a place serving kimchi on the menu, especially in larger cities.

London’s foodie scene is currently somewhat lacking in Filipino options. There are only a handful of restaurants serving the cuisine, one of which is Romulo in Kensington. It has proven to be exceptionally popular, and others may soon begin to follow the example.

If you’re looking for a new product development job, this may be the time to brush up on your Filipino knowledge. It could well be the next new craze to hit, especially if Bourdain is to be believed.

Cuisine options

So, we’ve heard about sisal and balut. What other dishes might be cropping up on the menu in years to come?

Sinangag is a breakfast dish made of leftover rice fried with garlic and served with fried eggs and cured meat or sausages. Sticky rice with cocoa is usually served with dried herring, known as champorado.

Lechon is a whole roasted pig, while adobo is chicken or pork braised in garlic, oil, soy sauce, and vinegar, and then cooked until dry. Puchero is beef served in a sauce of bananas and tomatoes.