EHL Ingredients Invests in Stockport

New unit space The Broadstone Hall industrial estate was already home to EHL Ingredients’ other base, but their new expansion provides them with an additional 743m2 of space. This brings them to a total of 3,715m2 on the industrial estate.

The additional capacity has been used to house a new vertical form filler. This will be able to pack pillow bags and tubs which will contain dried herbs and spices, powders, and seeds, amongst other products from their range.

SpicesThey will now be able to process their food ingredients at a greater volume, thanks to the increase levels of customer requests as well as their longer-term loyal customers starting to place large orders.

Tasneem Alonzo is the Joint Managing Director at EHL. She says that the company had outgrown its previous capacity in terms of the storage, machinery, administration and staff, and loading areas that they required. This added space gives them more long-term potential.

“We decided to stay on the same industrial estate instead of moving our whole premises so when this unit came up, we were keen to review it,” she said. “Over the last 12 months we’ve been taking orders for larger quantities, which means we need to increase capacity. “This new site will allow us to process more orders and higher volumes, more efficiently and quickly and the installation of the new machinery will enhance production and allow us to continue to innovate further.” EHL currently has 46 employees, but will be recruiting for more roles such as the ones listed here. They will be rebranding as well and have launched a new website as part of an ongoing improvement process.


New foodservice brand

A big move towards expansion was made last year, when EHL launched their own foodservice brand with a dedicated team to run it. Called Lähde, it provides a range of premium organic ingredients and blends with a traditional theme. They are tailored towards foodservice providers, caterers, and chefs who need classic options to hand often.

Alonzo stated confidence that the food ingredient sector is undergoing a period of growth as many brands seek to diversify their product catalogues and cater to the growing vegan, vegetarian, free-from, and organic movements. She pointed out that they are “continuously innovating to bring retailers, brands, manufacturers and caterers the right ingredients to suit consumer trends”.

“Despite the uncertain times we are in, we’re confident in our position as a company,” she added. “We’ve strengthened our teams, developed many new herb and spice blends, broadened our product portfolio and expanded our customer base into new territories, especially in Scandinavia.”

If you are interested to work for a company like EHL, make sure that you check out all of the jobs in the food sector we have currently listed here. EHL was established in 1996, and now supplies around 300 individual food ingredients. Their organic range includes 200 items and they also have more than 70 custom blends and seasonings on offer.

BeansTheir products include not just herbs and spices, but also lentils, peas, nuts, dried fruits, flakes, grains, rice, oils, syrups, sugars, salts, vinegars, flour, honey, and even fruit concentrates. These are all aimed towards the ingredient market.

They also supply products which fit the vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and organic sectors. They also claim that all of their products are free from GMOs, colouring, synthetic flavourings, preservatives, and other undesirables.

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