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Published on: 9 Dec 2014

Getting a job in the drink industry can be an immensely rewarding and challenging career path as the industry is home to such a diverse array of professional positions. People from all kinds of professional and educational backgrounds are required in the drink industry, so even if you feel that your education or your work experience is not particularly relevant you will be surprised at the wide range of opportunities to be found.

You can find all kinds of drink jobs at yourfoodjob.com, a website set up to make the job searching experience as accurate and straightforward as possible. Our excellent search facility allows you to create searches defined by particular parameters so that you only have to look through suitable positions. This makes your job search far more efficient and accurate, also making it easier for you to compare interesting positions with one another.

YourFoodJob.com offer a number of great features including:

  • Customised and highly accurate job searches
  • Job alerts by email
  • Create a personalised profile
  • Invaluable careers and industry advice


Choosing the drink industry

Pursuing a career in the drink industry is not only something that people who have specially trained for a job in the industry can think about. There are a huge range of opportunities for people from all educational and professional backgrounds from sales and marketing to business management. One of the great things about pursuing a career in the drink industry is the fulfilling and varied nature of the jobs, ensuring that every day at work is different and challenging. Not only are you able to genuinely enjoy what you are doing but you are also able to grow as a professional and as a person.

The different kind of jobs you can find

  • Production and manufacturing
  • Sales and commercial
  • Entry positions
  • Research and development

Production and manufacturing

As with any industry that has to produce and sell a product, there are always going to be a number of positions that are hands-on in nature. With a production and manufacturing job you are going to be kept active and busy for most of the day on your feet. These kind of positions require a dynamic attitude and a strong work ethic, so if this sounds like you then you may be interested in finding a position in the area. Positions in the area can be quite varied as you will be expected to contribute to a number of different areas of the production and manufacturing phase of a product, so you will be able to constantly challenge yourself and engage different skills.

Sales and commercial

Sales ImageSales and commercial jobs are often highly sought after as they can be quite creative and engaging, challenging you to exercise different creative and innovative faculties in yourself which can be extremely rewarding. Being responsible for creating product awareness and striking deals with different business partners, a position in this area requires a highly personable and charismatic individual who loves what they do. It is also a path where you will be expected to add your own ideas, giving you a great chance to show your innovative side. One of the great things about pursuing a job in this area is the fact that anyone with relevant skills can succeed, even if you have been working in an entirely unrelated industry for a number of years. Many of the skills and abilities that you pick up on the job can also open up many further opportunities in different areas, leaving you with a lot to look forward to in your career.

Research and development

A research and development job is where you are going to be looking into new product ideas, making it an ideal position for creative and investigative personalities. The creative scope of the position makes it a job that people simply love doing, allowing their innovative faculties to flourish. Working together in a team and pooling ideas together is also important in this area, so those who are adept at co-operating and working with others as a coherent unit can succeed.

How YourFoodJob.com can help

At yourfoodjob.com you can find everything you need to get started in your career in one place. Our website allows you to find suitable professional positions in the industry and is also home to great career advice that can prepare you for everything you are going to encounter.

Accurate searches

Our search facility differs from many other websites in the year to narrow down your searches according to specific parameters, letting you easily find exactly what you are looking for. You can search for jobs in specific disciplines that you are interested in such as sales and marketing or production and manufacturing if you have decided on a particular career path. In addition to this, you can also narrow down your searches by geographical location if you want to remain where you are living or you are interested in moving to a specific area of the country. Firstly, you can search by a salary band so that only feasible or appropriate positions come up. This means that senior professionals only have to view jobs that match their salary expectations and newcomers to the industry can look for realistically paying jobs.

Learn about the industry

Our immensely helpful ‘Careers Advice’ section offers incredibly helpful advice and tips about different jobs and the industry in general, ensuring that you are well equipped and adequately prepared for everything that will come your way. You can read in-depth testimonials from professionals who have worked in the industry, or you can learn about more general areas such as how to approach a job interview or write your CV. All of this contributes towards making you a balanced and well-rounded professional possessed with all of the knowledge you will need to be successful.

Get started today

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the drink industry, you can create a profile on our website today and start looking for exciting opportunities.