Published on: 4 Feb 2016

The British Isles, this wonderful land that we call home, is home to just about every kind of seafood dish you can imagine. We have a long (even ancient) tradition of using the bounty of the sea to feed the population, and there are few places on Earth with such a fondness for fish. Our national dish is the ubiquitous fish and chips after all, much imitated but never bettered. ++

Weymouth HarbourThe Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival is held in the Old Harbour in Weymouth on the 9th and 10th of July, 2016. The festival is now in its eighth year, a remarkable achievement and a glowing endorsement of the organisers efforts. As outlined in their mission statement, the festival seeks to educate people about the difficulties facing local fishermen—and what efforts they are making to catch fish in a sustainable way. With the global population rising to levels that threaten food supplies, fishing is not going to be able to take up the slack unless we as a planet choose to treat the ocean with respect. And that means not overfishing, which can leave ecosystems irreparably damaged.

The other aim of the festival is to encourage more young people to eat fish! Rich in all sorts of fantastic nutrients—including omega-3—fish should be an important part of a balanced diet. Considering an alarming 61.7% of adults in Britain can be classed as 'overweight', it is clearly important to start early when educating the public about nutrition and diet. The problems that usually come up are that fish needs to be eaten soon after purchase (unless frozen), which can be difficult in today's fast-paced world of convenience. This is coupled with a vague ignorance about how best to prepare and cook it, adding up to less fish in the general public's diet. Unfortunately this doesn't extend to ultra-fatty fish and chips, which isn't good for your health at all!

The Dorset Seafood Festival is taken very seriously—to the point where the roads around the Old Harbour are actually closed to make space for tents and stalls. By making it such an event, it's easier to promote local producers and help build links throughout the food industry. Networking, just like in any industry, is key here.

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