The dangers of duping jobs

Written by: Antony Allen
Published on: 23 Jul 2013

Building Successful Relationships Needs Honesty to go the Distance - By Antony Allen, General Manager, Yourfoodjob

Building relationships is an essential part of life – especially for work. Companies need to engage with their audience at all times and this very important for job boards. With plenty of options for candidates to choose from, there has to be something special to grab your audience and keep them. Building long-lasting, successful relationships does that, and we do that at

Avoiding the pitfalls

If there’s one thing worse than everything else on job boards, its duplicating jobs. You can spend so much time looking for roles, tailoring your CV and cover letter for each job only to find out that it’s the same job you applied for yesterday – or even half an hour ago! It’s irritating for the candidate and can put them off your service forever.

The reason it’s done is because that job board can say “we have this many jobs on our website” and it is easier to sell to clients looking to use one of these services. You’ll have a short-term gain but when candidates get wise, you’ll lose them to another service and then it won’t matter how many jobs you have because no one will be applying through you.

Duping has another problem – Google. They determine where your website ranks in search enquires and there are techniques and tools to alter that ranking. Unfortunately, not all of them are good and duping is in the bad category. Again, you might have a short term gain but when found out, you’ll be dumped back to page 14…the naughty step.

Retailers had this problem until a tool called canonical tag was created, allowing these websites to duplicate content for products that had different sizes, colours, weights and other small changes that still required a new page. This has been accepted by Google and now no longer affects the ranking but it’s not designed for any other industry. Using tools like this will be discovered in the end and the culprits will end up – you guessed it – on the naughty step.

Only use good practice

In the end, good practice is what’s going to make the difference. We are committed to building relationships that last a lifetime but only on the basis that we’re honest and use authorised methods of keeping us at the top. We will never dupe jobs at, and, probably most importantly, we’ll never say that we’re smarter than Google – until it comes to jobs in the food industry!



Antony Allen

As the General Manager at, Tony has over 20 years experience in on & offline business and company development - 15 at senior management level. With extensive agency, client & media side experience, he has spent the last 8 years within digital recruitment and people marketing.

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