Cutting Out Avoidable Waste in the UK

Published on: 26 May 2016

Food Waste Image [square]Although steps have been made in this country to try to reduce the carbon footprint of food production, one of the best ways to make our food chains more sustainable is to cut down on the unbelievable amount we waste in so many ways. From supermarkets having to throw out unsold food past sell-by dates to consumers purchasing more than they need and having to dispose of food gone bad, there are several 'gaps' in the chain that cost an incredible amount of money and resources—as well as having a significant impact on the environment.

A staggering 1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every single year, with much of the waste occuring before it even reaches homes of consumers. There have been efforts to prevent waste and a push to 'redistribute' food, especially to food banks and into recycling efforts like composting. Whilst the report confirms that work to cut down waste has been successful, the study in question showed that £400 million worth of food could have been redistributed successfully, with just 18% of the 270,000 tonnes of surplus food being redistributed. That means over 220,000 tonnes of food could have been used by someone—but wasn't.

Food Cost ImageThe rising costs of food and the sustainability issues it represents is not something the UK can afford to ignore. In terms of simple efficiency for the food industry, these numbers make for grim reading. Companies need to work even harder to close these loopholes that are costing the economy billions—and hitting them financially. If companies in the food industry could find ways of reducing waste they could use the money they save to re-invest in their business. That means more jobs, more products and less of a carbon footprint.

It isn't just businesses that need to focus on cutting down waste—it's the consumers. On the 'LoveFoodHateWaste' website, it is claimed that families in the UK lose around £60 a month in wasted food. If the public ceased wasting so much food tomorrow, allegedly it would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the road in terms of environmental impact. The UK has the opportunity to lead the way on this issue and through increased governmental interest in this area perhaps the public can be educated to waste less.

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