Chiltern Foods Moves to New Factory

Published on: 1 Feb 2019

New site opening

There is great news all around with the opening of the new factory. It is three times larger than the previously occupied facility, which is also in Aylesbury. It measures 1,850m2, and it is expected that ten new food jobs will be created during the first half of 2019 as a direct result of the new setting.

The investment into the business means that Chiltern is going to be able to deliver their products to their customers on a larger scale, according to a statement put out by parent company The Food Solutions Group (TFSG).

sandwichesChiltern Foods currently makes sandwich and jacket potato fillings, as well as fresh salads, for retailers and foodservice customers. This includes a number of high street restaurant brands. Chiltern Managing Director Rob Pollard stated that they now have plans to add brand new cutting machinery in order to complement the rest of the new factory site.

“We are seeing good growth and interest in our prepared salads and coleslaws – particularly around the health aspect of super grains and wholegrains, combined with Middle Eastern flavour profiles,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of TFSG, Christoph Haschka, said that the company is excited and looking forward to the opportunity to tackle a new site, as well as growing their business and doing some new food recruitment.

“Aylesbury has been a fantastic location for us for decades now,” he said. “Being so central, it enables great connections with customers, and means we can deliver the freshest products each day – something vital for all of our products.”

Great local support

The business enjoys a lot of support from the local authorities, who are very much happy to see a new, larger site being opened in the town. Aylesbury MP David Lidington was on hand to open the new facility in front of the gathered press. He said: “Aylesbury’s central location makes us an ideal choice for business, so I am delighted that Chiltern Foods has decided to continue to invest in its future with us and I particularly welcome the news about local jobs. This is good news for Aylesbury and I wish them every success for the future.”

local area

Their history in the local area is a long one, and it’s no surprise that they are welcome as an important employer and economic force. The company was first founded in 1991, being known as Chiltern Salads at the time. It changed its name in 2011. It is known particularly for offering special ranges of low-fat or calorie-controlled products, which are very popular with dieters and those who are health-conscious.

Some of their more popular products include pre-made scrambled eggs, as well as a New York style meatball marinara. Many more items are also available throughout their range. Alongside the Aylesbury site, which allows easy transportation to other areas of the country, they also have a small production unit in Heston, West London. This allows them to serve the capital from a more direct location, cutting down on delivery time and costs and contributing to their stable presence in the foodservice industry.

It is hoped that the extra room will allow for higher production figures. If so, it is certainly to be expected that more jobs might become available in time.