Chefs Jobs in North West England

Published on: 3 Jun 2014

Chef There are always loads of Chefs Jobs advertised in the UK, many of which are located in North West England. Chefs jobs is a regular search for jobs in the food industry and features many of the top positions from the biggest names in the food industry. You can search through a large selection of chefs jobs in Northwest England live on the website right now.

Some examples of the types of chefs jobs in the UK are:

  • Executive Sous Chef

  • Pastry Chef

  • Commis Chef

  • Head Chef

You will also find temporary and seasonal work positions for chefs.

The Northwest of England

StockportThis is the north-westerly region of England which makes up one of the nine official English regions. It is made up of a number of counties including Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cumbria. It is one of the most populated areas of the country with a population of over 7 million in the last census.

Due to the number of large cities in the region and the amount of produce that comes from the region, there are always loads of food jobs in the Northwest counties. Chef positions are always being advertised due to the sheer number of bars, restaurants and other food venues in some of the larger cities like Manchester and Liverpool. These cities are huge and vibrant hubs of culture which draw in influences from across the globe, offering some of the most varied ranges of cuisine for all manner of chefs.

There are also six public airports in the region which offer more general chefs jobs in Northwest England. Large private food companies such as OK Diner, the Northwest’s roadside food chain, have their headquarters in Cheshire which is a testament to the entrepreneurial nature of the food industry in the region.

Get the ideal job is one of the most rapidly expanding food job search websites for the catering industry. The website is now becoming more and more influential and drawing in some of the largest names in the food industry to advertise live positions across the UK. The website was founded in 2006 and receives over 60,000 visitors on a monthly basis.

It gives access to thousands of jobs with the top employers that can be sifted through and applied for directly from the You are also able to create a profile to make you more searchable to employers, plus use the Job Alerts tool so you don’t miss out on any new vacancies in your chosen job role.

It costs nothing to register and you can set up your account in just a few minutes. There are over 1,000 live positions at any given time.

Job Alert tool specialises in sourcing and advertising jobs from across the country, so if you are looking for chefs jobs in Northwest England, the jobs alerts tool can help to make your search a little bit easier. Each time a new position is advertised, you can get a message straight into your email inbox.

All of the tools of are intuitive and simple to use. To set up job alerts you simply select a related keyword to the role you are looking to get. For instance for chefs jobs in Northwest England you might simply use the keyword ‘chefs jobs’ and select a county like ‘Cheshire’. This way you will get notifications of all chefs jobs in the area.

If you want to really hone in your job search you can set up multiple alerts with different keywords or regions to give more definition and scope to your job search.

Use your profile

Making yourself searchable to employers is an important part of your job search activities. Setting up your online C.V., which is effectively what your profile is, makes it easy for potential employers to find you. A lot of agencies will prefer to headhunt to avoid getting swamped with applications.

Just like your C.V. you can list your key skills in the job role you are looking to find, the area you are looking in and this allows them to instantly discover your suitability for the role. Being more precise with your skills can be helpful here. For instance listing ‘sous chef’ as your experience rather than just ‘chef’ will probably have a lot more interest for agencies looking for someone with those particular skills.

Setting up a profile has three simple steps:

  1. Click ‘Create Account’ at the top of the page

  2. Input all of the details asked for, taking care to fill mandatory questions marked with

  3. To complete the process click the ‘Create and Account’ button.

Career Advice

Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly how to get yourself noticed by an employer, even if your C.V. is up to date and you have taken all the necessary steps to make yourself searchable. has a dedicated Careers Section of the website where you can find advice and guidance on how to tailor your C.V. to a particular position.

Graduate Positions

Often after finishing your training and studies it can be difficult to get your foot in the door and find that first position. Many companies offer trainee or graduate positions which offer entry level position so you can further hone the skills you have learned and gain some more experience in the process. has loads of graduate positions advertised on the website so if you are looking for that first job, search for graduate jobs at