Cheese Bus for London Food Month

Published on: 5 May 2017

London Red BusAs part of London Food Month, visitors will be able to take a cheese tour in a specially themed bus.

The red Routemaster has been requisitioned to form the Urban Dairy Tour base in June.

Cheese tour of the capital

Matthew Carver is the founder of grilled-cheese van The Cheese Truck, and the subsequent permanent venue, The Cheese Bar in the Camden Stables. He will be hosting the Urban Dairy Tour alongside cheese writer Patrick McGuigan.

Hundreds of events will be taking place in London throughout June to celebrate London Food Month, an homage to the status the city holds as one of the culinary capitals of the world.

The tour will take place on June 9, starting from The Cheese Bar. Guests will then be able to get on board the Routemaster, an original vehicle dating back to the 1960s which has a capacity of 72 passengers. They will then take what Carver describes as a “one-off tour of London’s underground cheese scene”.

The price for the experience is currently set at £75, a cost which covers your transport as well as all of the tastings throughout the day. Drinks, unfortunately, will be priced at an additional cost.

Set route for venues

So, which venues will they be visiting? Food marketing professionals will be disappointed to hear that the route has already been planned, so there is no more room for additions to the tour. They will be starting off at the Kupros Dairy in Cheshunt, a family-run business which specialises in making hard cheeses from sheep’s milk.

Next stop will be Acton for La Latteria. This is a venue where Simona Di Vietri oversees the production of mozzarella and burrata.

Lunch will be eaten on Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey, a special place for Carver: it was here that he first made a grilled cheese and sold it from a truck in 2014.

Afterwards the tour will head on to Peckham, to discover Kappacasein Dairy and Gringa Dairy. They make, respectively, Bermondsey Hard Pressed Cheese and Mexican-style cheeses.

On each visit, the tour bus will stop for around an hour to learn about the venue and the cheeses made in each location. They will also, of course, be able to taste some of the products made in each place.

Camden Street SignFinally, the tour bus will head back to Camden and The Cheese Bar, where they will be able to round off the day with a cheesy meal from the menu. Carver will be including some of his best-selling items, such as deep-fried mozzarella sticks and grilled cheese with Somerset cheddar.

Why all the cheese?

Right now, cheese is big news, as Carver elaborates: “Like craft beer and artisan bread, artisan cheese is having its moment. There are a lot of cool young cheese makers in London. There is a resurgence. People in London care more about the food they eat and so independent makers are popular again.”

Tickets do not go on sale until the 2nd of May, so there is plenty of time to make plans and decide whether or not you will be taking part in the big tour. It could offer a great excuse for buying and purchasing food professionals to scope out some new talent!

Carver also spoke about London Food Month and its significance. “This tour is about celebrating the best cheeses in London and their makers, as a lot of people don’t realise great cheese is being made in the capital. It is an opportunity to brag about how much is going on in the city. And an excuse to hire a big bus.”