Carnbrooke Meals Set to Expand

Published On: 17 May 2019

Doubling the workforce

Carnbrooke Meats currently employs around 30 people at their existing facility, but this expansion will allow them to double their workforce for a total employment of 60 people. If you are interested in food jobs like these, then you can check out our listings here.


The expansion will also allow the company to increase their production output by as much as 120%. This will be a great boost for them as well as for the local area, as they bring more money into the economy and more jobs for the population.

MeatCarnbrooke Meats specialises in processing beef, poultry, lamb, and pork products. They also create their own line of cooked and ready to eat meals. Their existing site comprises a processing facility as well as a shop which is located in Dromara.



Considerations given

The local council’s planning team had looked at other sites as possible alternatives in order to ensure that all angles had been considered. There was a nearby industrial estate with some potential, as well as a site in Lisburn city centre. However, because the site required a mix of both processing and retail, the former car showroom was the best possible option. Located on Ballynahinch Road, it has both the space required and is already established as a retail centre.

A spokesperson for Cranbrooke Meats said that the current facilities they have were starting to “limit the potential growth of the company”, hence the reason for moving to pastures new. This will allow them to more easily meet current demands, as well as opening up the potential for new customers and further distribution.

This is great news for those who want to work in the area. If you are out of work and looking for a recruiter who can bring you into the food industry, you can search our database here to find the right person for you.

Customer-oriented service

Carnbrooke Meats pride themselves on the fact that they have created an experience which is oriented towards the needs of the individual customer. They have centuries of history in the business of livestock and butchery, and their Master Butchers are employed to cut every order to the exact specifications given by the customer. They also have a purpose-built Dry Aging Chamber, making them unique amongst similar businesses in the area, so that they can age the beef to the needs of the customer as well.

FarmersAll of their pork, lamb, poultry, and beef comes from local farmers, so this is another way in which they support the economy in their small part of the world. It appeals to customers who are interested in meat which is sourced and processed in the UK, with less of a carbon footprint and more of an investment in British business.

Their speciality products include Dexter beef, Gracehill black and white puddings which are produced for them in Co Antrim, Baronscourt Estate Venison, and Wilfie Bingham pork from the foot of the Dromara hills. Just from this small selection of products alone – which comprises only a small percentage of their overall range – it is clear that they are insistent on both local sourcing and high quality.

This is a model which is sure to run well with consumers, who also value these two things.