Brits Patriotic to Home Food

Published on: 10 Aug 2016

A new study has revealed that Brits tend to prefer sticking to home-grown food where possible, and that they prefer British cuisine favourites.

The results, commissioned by Welsh Lamb, suggest that a Sunday roast is amongst the top meals in the country in terms of preferences.

Welsh Lamb Study

Lamb Roast DinnerThe study was commissioned in celebrated of Llamb’s Day, which will be held for the first time on August 1. 2,000 people were questioned to discover what kinds of meals they enjoy eating, and what their shopping habits are.

Impressively, it seems that 56% of British adults are very clued up about where their food comes from, and try to purchase fruit, vegetables, and meat which have only been sourced from within the UK. They will shop as locally as possible, rather than turning to other countries, if they are able to.

8 out of 10 read labels to find out where their food comes from whenever they shop, and 52% feel that they would like to purchase more British foods. The lack of supply in the supermarkets, however, is preventing them from being able to do so.

Sunday is of course the favourite day to enjoy a roast, and 23% opt for lamb, with 20% going for chicken. Half of respondents preferred to have a roast in the winter, seeing it as a comfort food for the colder months.

Roasts came out on top as one of the favourite meals to eat, along with cottage pie and meat and two veg. Coming in close behind were classic Italian dishes like pizza and pasta. Chinese and Indian foods are also enjoyed, but more likely as a takeaway than home cooked food.

Seasonal Issues

Interesting, it seems that the majority of people prefer to eat lamb in the spring, perhaps inspired by the sight of lambs frolicking in the fields. What they are missing, however, is the fact that the meat is not seasonal in Spring, but rather is prepared more often in the August time. That makes Autumn the best time of year to enjoy a Sunday roast with lamb.

Celebrity farmer Gareth Wyn Jones says: “While it’s heartening to see that British food – and beautiful Welsh lamb – is as popular as ever, there’s always more that can be done to educate and promote eating locally produced food. With Llamb’s Day on 1st August we’d like to celebrate the best time of year to try locally raised lamb – Summer and Autumn.”

It seems that producers of food as well as sellers could be doing more to promote seasonal produce, as well as stocking more locally. Not only would this be a big boost to the economy, but also a boost to customers, who say that they would always prefer to buy seasonal British goods.

Future Prospects

British VegetablesIt certainly seems as though future prospects could align with those wishes: in the wake of the Brexit vote, 38% of people stated that they were more likely to eat British food than food sourced from the EU.

Our food jobs may also be taken up more and more by British people, as the European workforce is currently in potential jeopardy. We will need to wait and allow time to tell what new regulations will mean post-Brexit for the many workers, particularly from Eastern Europe, who are involved in food production at the moment.

Either way, this news will certainly put a spring in the step of farmers across the UK, letting them know that consumers appreciate their food and are looking for every opportunity to purchase it in shops.