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Published on: 23 Sep 2014


Bakkavor are a leading manufacturer of prepared foods with sites across the UK. Bakkavor jobs are constantly live on

A few facts about Bakkavor:

  • They employ nearly 19,000 people worldwide
  • Operate across 32 facilities in the UK
  • Manufacture over 5,000 products
  • Market leader in fresh prepared foods 

When searching for Bakkavor jobs in the East Midlands, Bakkavor have the below sites to consider:

Bakkavor Freshcook are based at Holbeach St Marks in Lincolnshire and supply Ready to Cook Meals.

Bakkavor Pizza are also located in Holbeach St Marks and as suggested by their title, prepare state of the art Pizza's. This is one of Bakkavor's largest sites and make approximately 100 different types of Pizza a day.

Cucina Sano is situated in Boston, Lincolnshire and employ around 535 people. They manufacture prepared meals and accompaniments.

Bakkavor Meals, based in Sutton Bridge, create Indian Ready Meals. This factory opened in 1999 and is a dedicated recipe dish site.

Wingland Foods are also situated in Sutton Bridge however specialise in the preparation of convenience leafy salads. They employ an average of 400 people.

Bourne Prepared Produce was created in 2009 after Bourne Salads, Bourne Fruits and Bourne Stir Fry combined to form one site. This site can be found in Bourne, Lincolnshire.

Welcome Foods is located in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire and is a producer of sauces, pastes and dressing using fresh, dried ingredients. Welcome Foods has an average of 300 employees.

Also located in Nottinghamshire is Lauren's Patisseries, a leading producer of Desserts in the UK, namely Cream Cakes. Lauren's Patisseries was acquired by Bakkavor in 2005.

You can find Bakkavor jobs in the North West of England at the following Bakkavor sites:

Melrow Salads are based in Merseyside. They prepare basic, organic and speciality salads to the retail, processing and foodservice market in the UK. 

Hitchen Foods manufacture products such as prepared vegetables, convenience salads and ready meals. Hitchen Foods is located in Wigan.

New Primebake has two sites in the North West, Crewe and Nantwich. They create speciality breads for the UK.

In London & surrounding area's you can find Bakkavor jobs at the following sites:

Bakkavor Meals London is located at Park Royal, Wembley and Elvedon Place. Bakkavor Meals London create Ready Meals, Ethnic Snacks and Dips.

Bakkavor Pizza have a site based in Harrow, creating Pizza's and Breads. They employ an average of 2500 people.

Alresford Salads can be found in Hampshire and prepare Watercress, Herbs and Leafy Salads. Their Watercress is locally grown in the summer.

Tilmanstone Salads is located in Kent and like Alresford prepare leafy salads along with vegetables.

Anglia Crown manufacture Ready Meals within the Healthcare sector, including the NHS. Sold either individually or in multi portions, Anglia Crown are key in the delivered food sector within the UK.

When looking for Bakkavor jobs in South West England, Isleport Food is the site to consider. Based in Somerset, Isleport Food produces Premium Desserts for the UK. Bakkavor acquired this site in 2000.

Bakkavor jobs in Scotland can be found at their Caledonian Produce site which employs around 500 people. Caledonian Produce specialises in prepared vegetables and convenience salads.

Bakkavor has two sites within the Yorkshire & Humberside area:

New Primebake based in Barton On Humber, like the sites in the North West produce speciality breads for the UK.

Yorkshire Fresh Fruit is located in Selby and as suggested in their title is a supplier of prepared fruit.

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