Avara Foods Invests in Hereford

Published on: 30 Dec 2019

Ongoing improvement programme

The intention behind the spending is to continue an ongoing programme of investment, which targets improvements of the technology used on the site, the facilities that they have available, and developing workers as well as increasing their pay. If you are after a well-paid food job with lots of benefits, check our board here for the latest available positions.


Some of the improvements made possible by the investment have included:

  • An increase in capacity, to now 100,000 chickens processed every week
  • A raise in base rate of pay for employees joining the company, to £9.28 per hour
  • New job opportunities
  • The development of an apprenticeship programme on the site
  • Improved efficiency
  • Higher retention rate of workers, thanks to raised pay and training
  • Higher sustainability

“We offer a great range of employee opportunities, ongoing development and training, and we’re excited to welcome new colleagues to our team,” said site manager Richard Walden.

Highly advanced site

The previous investments which had been made at the Avara Foods Hereford site had already made it one of the most advanced food manufacturing facilities in the UK. This is a title that management are hoping to retain, going into the year ahead and beyond.

“Our Hereford operations have been key to the company’s wider success and will be for the foreseeable future,” said Chief Commercial Officer Chris Hall. “The site undertakes a significant amount of specialist processing and directly supplies some of our biggest customers. This investment is all about making sure this site is fit for the future and cements our place as the city’s largest employer. We’re looking forward to celebrating more successes in Hereford over the coming years.”

One of their biggest advancements has been the development of a course that educates their engineers on lean practices, which was done in partnership with New Model in Technology and Engineering. This is also a feather in the cap of the fledgling training provider.

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For now, the Continuing Professional Development courses set up by Avara are in search of experienced manufacturing and engineering professionals. Those selected for the course should be looking for an opportunity to enhance both their skills and their productivity, thereby making themselves far more employable in the future. It could be a fantastic stepping stone for those who are seeking a promotion in their career.