Associations in the Food Industry

Published on: 20 Jul 2015

The Food Industry is one of the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, with a worth of around £96bn & accounting for approximately 18% of UK manufacturing. It employs around 3.8 million people and makes up 14% of UK employment. Now that is big!

Within the Food Industry are key organisations and associations that keep the food we buy safe for consumption. Food Manufacturers will join and work with these associations to ensure that their products are in line the laws and policies.

Below is a summary of 4 of the major associations which work with companies of all sizes, from leading manufacturers to independent stores to help advance the food industry and keep it competitive.

British Retail Consortiumbrc logo

  • Formed in 1992.
  • Brings together all forms of retailers, including small independent stores to the big chain and department stores.
  • Well-known retail members of BRC include the GAP clothing brand, Costa coffee and John Lewis.

British Retail Consortium prides itself on looking after its members through encouraging a stable work-life balance, providing sufficient training and development along with encouraging involvement for its people.

The British Retail Consortium works with its members to make a positive impact on current debates and issues.

According to BFC, there are currently over 37,000 recognised organisations in the United Kingdom whom are employing over 27% of the workforce. The work of the BRC is controlled around Policy Action Groups, being most well known for its global standards in four key areas; these being, food safety, consumer products, storage and distribution and packaging and packaging materials.

Food and Drink Federationfood & drink fed logo

  • Celebrated its 100th birthday in 2013
  • Currently employ around 400,000 people in the United Kingdom across 6,360 companies
  • Concentrate on three key priorities: competitiveness, food safety, science, heath and wellbeing and sustainability.

This association is a powerful voice for the ever-growing food and drink industry, their clients include both global brands and small businesses. FDF is ordered into 7 divisions, all of who have the ability to manage any concerns and provide expert knowledge for the benefit of the industry. By working closely with its members, the Food and Drink Federation are able to help boost competitiveness, which pays off in the controlled food and drink marketplace. 

The Food and Drink Federation strives from its strength in technical expertise and industry knowledge, ensuring all members are receiving the best possible results from the federation. By members having a dynamic role in all areas of work, the FDF can focus on having the biggest impact possible to benefit all.

Food Standards Agencyfood standards agency logo

  • Shaped in 2001.
  • Is a self-governing department who use their knowledge in forming safe and honest food
  • strong focus among the agency of being certain that consumers are making knowledgeable choices about what they are eating and if not, attempting to change these values

The FSA has a strategy in place, which puts consumers first, making the people their fundamental priority. In addition, the Food Standards Agency is aware of the increasing challenges around the affordability and safety of food, also focusing on making these issues of great importance.

The improvement of public health is also a major priority for the Food Standards Agency, as this affects all consumers of food produce.

Leatherhead Food Researchleatherhead food research logo

  • Is an independent establishment
  • Approximately 1,500 members
  • Aim to rebuild consumers’ trust in food, offer healthy choices, control food costs and boost the quality of food being produced

Leatherhead Food Research has been a right-hand partner to the food and drink industry since 1919 and has gained much experience over the years, offering their knowledge towards helping the industry advance. Its members can offer diverse explanations for the challenging food and drink marketplace.

Leatherhead states that their skills are designed to echo the challenges posed towards them. Leatherhead’s services are developed around five fundamental platforms: innovation, safety, regulatory, nutrition and sensory.

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