Althams Planning New Factory and Jobs

Published on: 30 Mar 2018

Butchers meatAlthams Butchers is planning to create up to 25 new jobs when they open their new factory in Lancashire.

Their ideas have received planning consent from the local council, so they are set to begin work on a new site.

Brand new site

The site will be built from scratch at Hillside Farm, Morecambe. It will take up 5,100m2 and will supply beef, lamb, and pork to some of the top hotels, restaurants, and retailers in the UK.

The move to the new site will also create up to 25 new food jobs, as they increase their production capacity thanks to the larger space. They will also be upgrading their facilities to the latest in preparation, packing, and refrigeration manufacturing. 

The new plant was designed by Harrison Pitt Architects. They said that the change to a larger site was required, since the meat firm have big expansion plans for the future. Their existing premises simply weren’t large enough to facilitate the aspirations they have.

Richard Parker, one of the directors of Harrison Pitt, said: “This new facility will allow the business to operate more efficiently and will also provide an economic boost to the area by allowing new jobs to be created. This is another project that demonstrates our expertise in building design for the food manufacturing sector.”

The building has been carefully designed to look like a series of agricultural barns linked together, fitting in with the landscape rather than providing an eyesore. They will be clad in timber to increase this effect. They will also be planting a significant number of trees around the site in order to conceal it and reduce the visual impact on the surrounding landscape.

The site will also contain parking facilities, cycle storage facilities, and a shuttle bus transport link between Heysham, Morecambe, and the factory for employees who wish to use sustainable transport.

Construction starting soon

Construction on the site will be beginning later on this year, beginning the first phase of the transfer from the old factory. Look out for new jobs becoming available around the time that the construction is finished, as they will want the transition to be done as smoothly as possible. It has not yet been made clear what kind of jobs will be available, though they are likely to include factory operatives and line workers.

The current Althams Butchers facilities are based in White Lund, Morecambe. This proximity means that existing employees will likely be able to continue on working with the company when the shift happens. There are currently more than 100 food operatives and other professionals with the company, which supplies meat to wholesalers.

Their food ends up in hotels, restaurants, pub chains, and even catering companies across the UK through this supply chain. They have been in business since 1856, so the Althams name is an old one in this part of the country. They are, in fact, one of the oldest butches in the country to remain independent and family-owned, with James Altham currently serving as the Managing Director. He is the fifth generation of the family to still remain in charge of the business – an impressive feat by anyone’s standards. His great-great-grandfather, Thomas Altham, was a local farmer before launching the business to success.

LancashireThere has been some significant expansion in Lancashire and surrounding counties over the past year, and there is much more planned for the year ahead. It’s a good time for this part of the country, as sales seem to be increasing at a fantastic rate for many companies based in the area.